What’s new in Citrix XenMobile (besides the Intune integration plans)?

At Citrix Synergy, the big news about XenMobile was planned integration with Intune. However, there were plenty of other updates, including a preview of Secure Forms.

Earlier this week I wrote about Citrix and Microsoft’s plans for integrating XenMobile and Intune. Today I’m going to do a quick roundup and link dump of everything else that’s going on with XenMobile.

Last time we checked in on XenMobile (in January) Citrix had just announced mobile device management support for Mac OS X and Windows 10. This makes it a unified endpoint management platform of sorts, though it’s going to be a while before the concept takes off.

More recently with XenMobile 10.3.5, Citrix emphasized the idea of MAM-only deployment, i.e. using apps with built-in management features (Citrix calls theirs the MDX Toolkit) on devices that are not enrolled in MDM. MAM-only mode isn’t actually new for Citrix, as they supported it all the way back in 2012 with CloudGateway 2, before they acquired Zenprise for MDM. However 10.3.5 did bring a few new features to MAM-only mode, with the most significant being certificate-based authentication. (You can read more about this in the documentation.)

During the week of Synergy, the Intune integration took most of the attention, though another new XenMobile tool, Secure Forms, got keynote time, too. (Secure Forms was first announced as Worx Forms back in January.)

Secure Forms falls into a broad category of products I call “things that make it easier to build your own mobile apps.” Non-coders can use it to make simple forms apps that dump data into ShareFile or a network file system, post it to a web service, or email it; the apps can use device cameras, location information, barcode scanning, iBeacons, and other frameworks to augment data collection. Currently Secure Forms is only available for iOS.

Obviously there are tons of different lightweight app making tools out there. Citrix didn’t say whether Secure Forms would be included with any XenMobile SKUs or if it would be an add-on purchase; but I think if it were included for free, it would be a convenient value-add for customers. Simple forms-based apps can be an easy and encouraging win for fledgling mobility initiatives.

Moving on to other announcements:

Citrix’s Milind Mohile outlined even more upcoming XenMobile updates in this session video. These include:

  • MDX will have a mail redirection API for iOS, so that MDX-enabled apps can send emails via WorxMail.
  • XenMobile micro VPN will support reverse split tunnels.
  • WorxHome will support TouchID.
  • Various WorxMail and calendar enhancements.
  • WorxMail and WorxWeb will support multiple users.
  • XenApp and XenDesktop SmartAccess policies will be able to leverage XenMobile to check mobile device compliance.
  • The WorxWeb mobile browser will be able to failover to a desktop browser in XenApp or XenDesktop for web apps with legacy browser requirements, or per security policy.

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