What we want to see at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show

The 2012 Consumer Electronics Show is this week in Las Vegas, and our video producer Justin Meisinger and I will be there, along with Colin Steele.

The 2012 Consumer Electronics Show is this week in Las Vegas, and our video producer Justin Meisinger and I will be there, along with Colin Steele (the person behind SeachConsumerization.com) and a few other TechTarget writers. In the past, there hasn’t been too much news from CES for the BrianMadden.com desktop delivery audience, but now that we’ve expanded our coverage of the consumerization of IT, I’m expecting that the show will be more relevant for us.

Here’s what I’ll be looking for at CES:

Microsoft’s Windows 8 tablet story

We’ve been talking a lot about Microsoft, Windows 8, and tablets this week:

These articles have created a huge amount of conversation, leaving a lot of questions. Hopefully we'll find out a few of the answers at the Microsoft keynote on Monday night. Or maybe we won’t, because Microsoft recently announced that they won’t be doing the CES headline keynote anymore. There’s been speculation as to whether Microsoft will go out with some big announcements, or just exit quietly with a recap of what they did in 2011. Let’s hope for something big, and if there is, you can read about it here and at BrianMadden.com.

Tablets from manufacturers

I’m not usually too much of a gadget-nut, but if there are big announcements about from Microsoft about Windows 8 tablets, there will probably be some device announcements from manufacturers. In that case, we’ll have some videos and articles.

Interesting ways to deliver desktops

Gabe’s article about Apple TV as a cheap thin client got me thinking about all sorts of consumer devices that could be used as thin clients for desktop delivery. Between Google TV, set-top boxes that run Android apps, and TVs and displays with embedded browsers and other features, these consumer devices are beginning to resemble the thin client technology that’s familiar to the BrianMadden.com audience. I’ll be looking for products that could make the crossover.

The best FUIT devices

Writing about SurfEasy—a browser that connects to a dedicated proxy server, all on a USB stick—showed us that there are actual products out there made for FUIT. [FUIT is the idea that end users are now smart enough and have the tools to get around many of the restrictions that IT puts in place.] Sure, the main purpose of most of these products is to do things other than say FU to IT, however, they certainly can be used to do just that. Justin and I will put together a highlights video with the best FUIT products from CES.

Anything else?

Anything I missed? Anything cool I should check out? Leave a comment or tweet @JackMadden.

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