What do you need in 2008?

Its the end of the year, and I wanted to open up a question to the community: "What do you need in 2008?"The question is deliberately vague in order to get a bunch of different answers.

Its the end of the year, and I wanted to open up a question to the community: 

"What do you need in 2008?"

The question is deliberately vague in order to get a bunch of different answers.  It could mean "What type of software do you need to make a solution more appealing to you?" in the spirit of the early days of VDI when the community had to ask for a connection broker before the industry even knew what one was.

It could mean "What would you like to see us focus on with BrianMadden.com or at BriForum?" or "What features would you like to see on the website?"

The answers could be simple:

"Better printing support in XYZ product"
"Enhanced graphics performance in situation A"
"Nothing, everything is fine"

... or complex:

"I'd like to see a hypervisor, connection broker, application virtualization, and hybrid automobile all rolled into one product."

It can even be an answer like when you and your significant other are trying to decide where to go for dinner: "I don't know...what do YOU need?"

The point is to get it out there, for the world to read and, more importantly, for the companies to which you're referring to read.  The more details you provide, the better the potential response.  No guarantees of any results, though :)

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well on the brainmadden website , it would be nice if more people could blog.

we will get more and more an hybrid environment and i think that profiles in a hybrid situation could become more complex when the customer wants the same look and feel on sbc,vdi,etc.

and all the new cool stuff such as ardence and vdi bring other challenges such as how to deal with an up to date viruscanner client in ardence etc.

i wish the brianmadden company a good new year.


bjorn bats



new employment opportunities.... :)

Although I suspect with the poor quality of citrix's software these days, peace in the Middle East would be more likely.

I'm still not drinking the VDI Kool-Aid and I'm sick of the hype it gets here (and at Bri-Forum). Ardence brings some appeal to VDI but I'd rather use Ardence to stream a TS OS.


The handy citrix features still require a windows client. For instance look at 'hot desktop'. It will only work on a windows client...

Robert I am in the same boat as you

I need better tools that speak English. There are plenty of tools that can pinpoint all sorts of things, but you need a PhD to understand them.  I want the magic bullet: tell me what's wrong and how to fix it. If you can flag the error, why not offer a useful suggestion on how to fix it?  I don't have the time to spend hours troubleshooting something even though I may want to.  I just don't have the manpower. 

How about better vm and storage mgmt tools.  I like the idea of Balancepoint and a few other products which tell me something is amiss from the user perspective.   I can't count high enough the number of times people have said the system is slow or not working properly, but all the diag tools show everything being fine.  This is where good baselining comes into play, but I need tools that actually tell me how long a transaction takes etc, (ie..balancepoint, eG Innovations, etc).

Realistic Expectations.  Customers need to understand that fancy, whizbang technology costs.  Not everyone can afford the latest/greatest, nor is it always needed. Give me real requirements and tell me how not meeting them affects your business (with the metrics used to determine the affects).  I want to provide the best solution that meets your needs and then some, withought breaking the bank.




I just need Citrix to focus attention on their core product, Presentation Server.  I need IMA to be stable.  I need the flood of hotfixes to stop.  In short, I need Presentation Server to be more stable and less buggy.


it would be nice if citrix doesnt depend on any os to run.
lets get back to basics and quit using acronyms
I need love ...
I need any tool on PC or mobile that can create concentration of mind..