We're opening up Call for Papers for the next set of GeekOut 365 videos!

It's been a few months since the initial release of GeekOut 365, and now it's time to add to our library of independent, community-led, expert videos.

As we approach the end of 2017, we want to start ramping up efforts for the next GeekOut 365 content release. We have a few sessions planned to add into the lineup (plus a few that didn't make it into the first batch), but we need your help getting new, awesome stuff alongside the sessions we added in July and all the BriForum videos from past years.

Even since the last content drop, a lot has happened in and around End User Computing that we'd like to address, like Identity Management, Rapid Mobile Application Development, Unified Endpoint Management, Desktops-as-a-Service, and virtualized graphics. Plus, there are areas adjacent to our typical EMM/Desktop Virtualization coverage that are really interesting, like next-generation antivirus (Bromium, Cylance, Bitdefender), mobile threat defense, and cloud app security.

Here are a few ideas of things we'd like to learn more about based on your experiences using or even considering using a product in an effort to help the community at large:

  • NVIDIA now supports live migration for both Citrix XenServer and VMware vSphere. This was once thought to be next to impossible, but is now a reality that makes virtual graphics more flexible than ever. How does it work, and what kind of use cases does it open up?
  • Unified Endpoint Management has really picked up steam this year, with VMware adding a ton of features to Workspace ONE and Microsoft jumping on board way earlier than we thought they would. If you've looked into this and have come up with a plan to migrate away from SCCM to UEM via either AirWatch/Workspace ONE or Microsoft Intune, we'd love to hear about it.
  • Azure has become a focal point for DaaS providers and companies that want to deliver desktops from the cloud. Nerdio has put a lot of effort to build their platform on Azure, as has Workspot and even VMware.
  • Quick enterprise mobile app tools are everywhere—think MADPs, RMADs, app refactoring, WorkSpace ONE Mobile Flows, and more. How do you sort through and choose among the dozens of options?
  • Cloud identity, federation, SSO, MFA, and conditional access are getting very important as more companies adopt Office 365 and other SaaS. What have you learned as you’ve adopted these? Has your company tried the BeyondCorp model?
  • Are you using Apple Device Enrollment Program, Samsung Knox, or Android enterprise (formerly Android for Work)?
  • Do you have internal mobile apps that you secured with app wrapping or a mobile app management SDK? Did you have any problems, or did it work right away?

These are, of course, in addition to new XenApp, XenDesktop, and Horizon releases from Citrix and VMware, VMware support for Skype for Business (we'd love to see a comparison there!), and changes to Microsoft RDS, including support for Azure AD and the new HTML5 client. In fact, we could have an entire corner of the site dedicated to Microsoft content if we also add in content around Windows 10 updates, implications to VDI, Windows 7 migrations, and Windows 10 S.

There is so much going on in the EUC space these days that we just can't cover it all as deeply as we want, which is what GeekOut 365 is for. With it, we can help connect people that need guidance with subject-matter experts as well as people that have worked on similar projects.

Last July, we wound up with seven great sessions to kick it off, and we want to keep it going. With that in mind, we're opening up another Call for Papers period that will run until November 30th. You'll be notified if we select your session by December 5th, and you’ll have until January 12th to record them.

Ready to rock? Great! Click here to submit your session, and thank you for helping us out with GeekOut 365.

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