Want to know if your app runs on Citrix? Check the "Citrix Ready" website

This is actually pretty cool. Citrix recently launched the new "Citrix Ready Community Verified" portion of the Citrix Community site.

This is actually pretty cool. Citrix recently launched the new "Citrix Ready Community Verified" portion of the Citrix Community site. Unlike a lot of vendor "ready" programs that are just a shakedown for payments from ISVs to be certified, this portion of the Citrix Ready site is powered by the community. The idea is that you add the applications that you've been able to get running on Citrix into the database. If someone else has already added your app, you can "verify" it by adding a vote. (Kind of like a digg.)

You can specify what OS, version, and type of Citrix product you're certifying the app for. And there are conversations / comment threads for each app in the database so you can discuss or post any installation tricks you've figured out. Right now there are 919 products in the database. You can also search by Citrix product version, enabling you to, for example, search for all products that people have certified for XenApp 5.

I should point out that this cool thing I'm talking about is the "Community Verified" section of Citrix Ready. There's a regular "Citrix Ready" program website that's one of the more traditional pay-to-play ISV program that's not too valuable. But the community thing... very nice!

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Brian, thanks for the review and comments. We have been getting great feedback from customers, resellers and consultants who spend significant time looking for compatability information. The real payoff will come as the entire communiity contributes their knowledge to the site and everyone benefits. I know you and the community that follows brianmadden.com have a huge knowledge of app compatability, please share it ! I'll be looking for you on the top contributor list :-) .

Regarding the Citrix Ready Program site, keep in mind these partners have validated their products in collaboration with Citrix based on specific test kits and criteria. In addition the program provides numerous benefits for the partner company that make it worthwhile to formalize their partnership with Citrix.  


I was very impressed by Citrix when I got a peek at this at Summit.  This is something that *should* have been done ages ago.  As community members add more apps in - including things like what OSs and Citrix versions and other products integrated with it - this will enable users to search to see if the combinations of things they intend to use have been successful someewhere else first.


Truly a great initiative :-) Its almost as if Citrix is trying to become more than just another vendor? ;-)



Brian thanks for the site review. As Chris Fleck said we are looking for more feedback and suggestions but we really need help from your readers and community to vote for third party products which work with Citrix Products.

Let's vote for third party products and  bubble up popular products and share tips and tricks for delivering a particular App with Citrix.

Vendors if your product works with Citrix and it is not listed in the Citrix Ready community site then make sure you add your product and share any tips and tricks. Do tell your users to vote for it so it builds more confidence.


Just wanted to add that the Citrix Ready Community Verified site is part of a bigger effort called the App Compat Toolkit for XenApp. The toolkit is a web based resource that includes tools and best practices for migrating apps to XenApp.

Aside from the database highlighted here, we have a beta version of the AppDNA AppTitude Virtualization Manager for XenApp as well as two testing resources.

The AppTitude tool automates analysis of applications and quickly determines what changes (if any) are required run the app on XenApp.

The two testing options are as follows. The  XenApp Evaluation Virtual Appliance is a fully functional version of XenApp wrapped in a VM. This can be downloaded and used locally.  Second is a web-based testing portal called the Citrix Ready Virtual Lab. This enables customers to test remotely in a fully pre-configured XenApp environment.

We hope these will be helpful to the community. To view the Toolkit, see www.citrix.com/appcompat.