WTS Gateway Pro: A Simple Terminal Server Load Balancing Gateway

Terminal-Services.NET just announced that their newest product, WTS Gateway Pro, is now available.

Terminal-Services.NET just announced that their newest product, WTS Gateway Pro, is now available. Similar to Citrix's Secure Gateway, WTS Gateway Pro adds RDP-based gateway functionality to Terminal Servers running on Windows 2000 or 2003. The product also adds intelligent, performance-based load balancing to Terminal Server environments. Additionally, when using WTS Gateway Pro, session reconnection is available on all editions of Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 Terminal Servers. It will automatically connect users back to their existing disconnected sessions.

Perhaps the best thing about WTS Gateway Pro is its price. It's only $299 for a two-server starter kit, and then $99 for each additional server. These licenses support unlimited users and unlimited processors.

To use WTSGateway Pro, you install a simple software agent on each of your Terminal Servers. You then install the gateway software onto the server you want to use as your "RDP router." You can install this gateway onto any server. It doesn't have to be running Terminal Services. For mission-critical environments, you can install multiple gateways.

Then, all users start their RDP sessions by pointing their client software to the gateway. When an RDP connection request is made, the gateway makes an RPC call to each Terminal Server and determines which one has the least load. The user's session is launched on the selected server. However, all RDP traffic flows through the gateway, so you can connect dozens of Terminal Servers to the Internet through a single IP address and a single port.

You can configure the load-balancing scheme to fit your environment. It can be a simple round-robin approach or a more complex approach where the processor load, memory usage, and user loads of all Terminal Servers are taken into consideration. Either way, "It's fully automatic," says Cláudio Rodrigues, the man responsible for WTS Gateway Pro. "Some of the competing products have all sorts of custom load-balancing configuration options, but the reality is that not many people are using them."

Terminal-Services.NET is definitely a company to look for. Their upcoming WTS Portal product promises to offer application publishing to Terminal Server environments, and its rock-bottom price will give Citrix and Tarantella a run for their money in the small and medium business space.

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This message was originally posted by Ricardo Galvão on July 28, 2004
Good day,
my name is Ricardo, is passing for serios problems with the WTSGateway-Pro, my server this leaving air, as if the plate of net parace to function. my environment this with:
* Win2000 server, SP4
* WTSGateway-Pro
* WTSPortal

My email is Ricardo.galvao@empower.com.br
This message was originally posted by Joey (Philippines) on August 29, 2004
Amazingly simple product! If you're considering Session Directory (which is part of Ent Ed). Take a second look at this piece of software. It'll get the job done, sans the money that's going to bloat the pocket of that man from redmond. :-)
If all the traffic flows through one gateway, will that decrease performance since all traffic to terminal servers first have to go through one server which could already be loaded with other applications and network traffic?

Doesn't 2X own this code now?