Virtualization "virtual" events in December

Citrix held their first (or one of their first?) "virtual" trade shows last Friday, called Citrix Delivery Center live.

Citrix held their first (or one of their first?) "virtual" trade shows last Friday, called Citrix Delivery Center live. I attended (virtually), and it was actually pretty cool. It was basically like watching a live webcast (audio + slides), although there were different forums and chat areas and vendors set up. It's certainly not replacing a real live conference anytime soon, but it was generally worthwhile and something I had running in the background all day.

As it turns out, both Microsoft and VMware have upcoming virtual virtualization events.

Microsoft is hosting a Live Meeting today at 8:00 Pacific Time (4:00pm GMT) to talk about virtualization and on-premise clouds. I guess this is like the old "internal ASP"? (free registration) It seems like most of the talk here will be about Azure.

Then next week, VMware is hosting an "Online Virtualization Forum," Tuesday, December 16, from 8:00 - 5:00 PST. (registration is free) This looks pretty cool, with online breakout sessions, chats, vendors, etc.

See, even without wasting time traveling to physical conferences anymore, we can still waste time attending conferences!

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The Citrix event last friday was better than i had dare to hope for, but there is still room for improvement, but i am actually thinking that maybe I/we need to adjust as well.. it requires a different discipline to attend virtual events rather than physical.

I will try to participate in these upcoming events.. it would be awesome if we could cut down the traveltime spend over a year. :) though i would never want to be without the physical events :-)



Actually I prefer them, no travel.  They may not be as interactive yet, but it still saves on the hassle of travel.


Hi Brian,

Any chance of doing a BriForum "Virtual" event someday? That would seriously rock!\

Also, when are you coming back to Australia for the new Master Training Class?

Rgs Sharin Yeoh


after a few technical glitches, the Geek Speak sessions in the Networking Lounge went pretty well I thought.  What did everyone else thing of the Geek Speak portion?  Doing more virtual and physical road trips are something that Citrix is working on, so community feedback would be helpful.