VSI 2.0 Beta 3 now public

We have been working on VSI 2.0 the whole summer.

We have been working on VSI 2.0 the whole summer. Login VSI 2.0 is the second iteration of Login VSI 1.0: the free and specifically designed benchmark for SBC and VDI environments. VSI 2.0 introduces completely new workloads, and a improved and more accurate index called VSImax. Overall, VSI 2.0 will be a much smoother experience, many best practices and lessons learned from project VRC are now included in this release. The free version will now be called “VSI 2.0 Express”, the advanced version is called "VSI 2.0 PRO”. The most important new  2.0 features are:

Workload(s) re-build from scratch:

  • New, more realistic, medium workload (now 12 instead of 18 minutes)
  • Real-world end-user websites (with rich flash content)
  • Windows 7 and Windows 2008 r2 support
  • IE 8 support
  • New Zip and PDF printer (BullZip)
  • Highly improved robustness (even under extreme loads)
  • Improved response timer mechanism and index: VSImax

VSI 2.0 PRO features:

  • Multilanguage Support (Express only support English OS and Office)
  • Detailed logging
  • Runtime calibration of timed events and response time measurement using an external SQL server clock (important for hypervisor comparisons)
  • Office 2003 and Office 2010 support
  • Customization Support (ad your own apps to the VSI workload)

Analyzer Changes:

  • New VSImax calculation: much more precise
  • Automatic renaming of excel files to “testname.xltm”
  • Remember settings from last session

AD Setup Changes

  • Split system / user policy objects / added Computers OU
  • Improved setup user objects (no password expiry etc)


  • New pre-launch naming of test: no more archiving of tests needed

This beta can be downloaded from Login Consultants download section: http://loginvsi.com/en/downloads/downloads.html.


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Does anyone reading this have any hands on experience with a previous version of VSI (either the free version or the paid version)? I played with it a bit early on, but I haven't used it in the real world and I'm curious about what people think.


I used it a bit in the past. I am actually going to be doing a load test using 2.0 in the next week or two.  I can get post some feedback when that is done