VMworld Europe 2009 is this week. What should we look for?

VMworld Europe 2009 is taking place this week in Cannes, France, kicking off tomorrow morning. I'm onsite in Cannes now.

VMworld Europe 2009 is taking place this week in Cannes, France, kicking off tomorrow morning. I'm onsite in Cannes now. Much of the content of this VMworld is similar to the content from last September's VMworld in Las Vegas. It was at that event that VMware CEO Paul Maritz showed everyone how important the desktop is for VMware, and in fact the company announced six new desktop features for their upcoming products. VMware View 3 has been released since then, and there are several breakout sessions on that product that I hope to attend.

Citrix also promised to demo Project Independence here ("Give me an 'F'! Give me a "U"!...) and to announce that their XenServer product will be 100% free. (I guess since they didn't sell nearly as much as they'd hoped, they figured "what the heck?")

I've got my video camera here too, and I'll attempt to record some interesting content for this Thursday's episode of Brian Madden TV. I'm not really sure what to look for or what makes for interesting video, so any suggestions are welcome.

On the session front, I'll be giving an updated version of the "Terminal Services versus VDI" presentation that I gave last September. It's Tuesday at 4:30 (ugh!) in Les Ambassadeurs 2.

Finally, and I'll be twittering too. (https://twitter.com/brianmadden) After five months, my twitter blog is still 100.00% industry-related, so you can follow without fear of updates about hamburgers or what line I'm waiting in.

And what else? What else should I look for? What do you want to get out of this conference?

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It would be cool to concentrate on the small guys out there...

Maybe have your top three up and coming vendors in this space.

We seem to be concentrating on the the Citrix versus VMWare versus everyone else battle that we forget about the the small guys trying to stay afloat!


It would be interesting to hear what Microsoft is saying in the VDI space.  Are they still pushing XD or do they have a Desktop broker in WS2008 R2 yet?

I know it’s not in the current beta.


Ooops – just realised the VDI Desktop Broker is a feature of Hyper-V in R2 and not RDS.

Spinning up my VM to double check.


seconded VDI content from MS.


If I am about to virtualize my data center, and have a choice between ESX and XenServer. Why would I choose ESX still if management tools are free in XenServer.