VMworld 2016 EUC Live Blog

At VMworld 2016, Gabe and Jack are live blogging the EUC keynote and super session.

Here's our live blog from VMworld 2016.

We blogged two sessions: The Day 2 keynote, which featured some EUC content, and the afternoon EUC super session.

Day 2 EUC keynote

Here's what we have so far. We'll update this again when the keynote is over.

9:00 - Jack: About to begin. Time to thank sponsors, of course, but VMUG is getting a shout out, which is cool. Today’s keynote is being lead by Sanjay Poonen, the general manager for EUC at VMworld. He’s starting off by talking about the digital revolution and how it’s changing everything, etc etc etc.

9:05 - Jack: There’s no mistaking it, this is the hard core EUC keynote. What a difference from a few years ago. Today is going to cover 3 theme: Apps and Identity, desktop and mobile, and management and security. Today is all about products and demos.

9:06 Gabe: They are the "only company to have strong relationships with Apple, Google and Microsoft." Not sure I buy that. They “even had Microsoft on stage last year.” Sure, but it was some guy that doesn't work for MS anymore. Citrix had Brad Anderson!

9:08 - Jack: Starting off showing Workspace One on iOS, now going into Boxer email app. This is starting out to be much more mobile centric than I had imagined it would be, so this is great.

9:10 Gabe: He’s showing a lot of stuff very quickly. I’m impressed with all the features, but Sanjay is going to have to breathe into a paper bag when he’s done with this part.

9:11 Jack: Sanjay is challenging attendees to ask VMware employees to see all their mobile apps. If they’re not using them, let Sanjay know :)

Now they have someone from Salesforce on stage, Stephanie Buscemi, talking about their usage of App Config.

9:14 Gabe: Sanjay said “Live Demos” right? So far it’s two videos. (Maybe these are live...it’s just hard to tell without someone on stage doing it.) That demo was quick. “See Salesforce...it works right? Ok, cool. We did that with AirWatch.”

9:17 Gabe: “Like 500 new capabilities in 18 months added to VMware Horizon.” Would LOVE to see that list!

9:18 Gabe: Jack, I saw AirWatch, Blackberry, and MobileIron on that list of performance of EMM platforms. Where was XenMobile??

9:19 Jack: Gabe, Intune should be on there... and soon XenMobile and Intune working together?

9:22 Gabe: WorkSpace One demo now, showing unified management of Windows 10. They applied conditional access, blocking cutting and paste, via AirWatch. Jack just told me it’s a feature built in to Windows, but enabled via MDM APIs. (From Jack: The MDM feature is now called “Windows Information Protection”

9:24 Gabe: You can see this on WindowsUEM.com. I’ll look into that. Can I use it for my family? Actually, shoot, can I use AirWatch for my family?

9:26 Jack: Now on to the Tanium / VMware TrustPoint Demo. We still need to see how MDM, TrustPoint, and AppVolumes will all work together to deal with classic Windows Apps on physical devices.

9:28 Gabe: I’ll have to look into TrustPoint some more. It’s been off my radar, but the speed with which they can get information is crazy. Any endpoint, in seconds?

9:29 Jack: You can see some TrustPoint data in the AirWatch console.

9:31 Gabe: Sanjay steps away and brings out Ray O’Farrel, EVP and CTO of VMware. Talking about VMware’s partnership with you, the customer. They want to focus on the really hard problems.

9:32 Jack: So... I wonder if there will be any more EUC this morning? There will definitely be more this afternoon in Shawn and Sumit’s session, though.

9:32 Gabe: We may just have to pick back up here in a few hours when Shawn and Sumit’s session starts. I’m not sure I like this decentralized approach to EUC info. I liked the marathon 2-hour keynote with all the info!

9:38 Jack: We’re going to pretty quiet for a bit—they’re talking about containers on vSphere. Interesting, but not our thing.

10:30 Jack: Keynote over, but come back at 1pm Pacific for more live blogging from the EUC super session.

Afternoon EUC Super Session

12:53 Jack: Alright, we’re getting ready to start back up for the EUC super session.

12:54 Gabe: Sumit says that our minds will be blown today! “If you thought Sanjay was giving information through a fire hose, this will be like a double fire hose”

1:00 Gabe: I’m surprised how empty the room is. Come on, people...EUC info from some of the best minds at VMware!

1:02 Gabe: “Yesterday, Identity and Active Directory were the same. In today’s world, that just doesn't work. Other applications have their own directories. Even Office 365 is built on something other than AD. It doesn't make sense to have resources tied to AD anymore...they have to be tied to a user's identity.”

1:03 Jack: This is modern, identity and access management as a service. It’s way more than just SSO and federation—policies are getting smarter, and it hooks into everything.

1:04 Gabe: “ID and access management tech is no longer something security teams need to add on to active directory. ID needs to be the foundational technology for designing the workspace. That is the goal of Workspace One.”

1:06 Jack: Demo video (not live). Showing BYOD iPad enrolled in MDM, prompted only when user is accessing a more sensitive app. (This feature was introduced in June.) Next, showing Workspace One on an unmanaged Mac. Users can access SaaS apps (with SSO) or remote Windows apps. Some apps call for stronger authentication, so they call up the VMware Verify app for a second factor.

1:18 Jack: Now we’re getting a view of some more of VMware’s apps, including Boxer. This part is more about “Hey, look at all the cool stuff that mobile apps can do.”

1:19 Gabe: Workspace ONE Apps: Boxer (Mail, Calendar, Contacts), Browser (intranet, internet, kiosks), Content (view edit share), and Socialcast. In other news, Socialcast is still a thing.

1:19 Gabe: "Driving innovations that still remain unmatched in this industry as part of Horizon" It’s horizon time. Their stack is “not a hodge podge of multiple technologies”. Horizon includes a protocol for mobile & cloud (Blast), “First true stateless desktop”, “first real-time app delivery”, and the “Most complete stack”
They say with their platform, you can provision 1000 desktops not in 3 hours (instant clone means 3-4 seconds from creation to ready for login), as you would in 2014, but in 21 minutes. You can update 100 apps not in 16 hours, but in 30 minutes (you could save time by provisioning a new desktop image instead!), and you can patch your infrastructure in 6 minutes as opposed to 53. Bear in mind, this is marketing data, and your mileage may vary.

That said, the Instant Clone stuff is really cool. You use it to deploy images and use it to update images. It’s lifecycle management. And it’s FAST.

1:28 Gabe: They say they support more applications in more situations, with better support for USB, printing, graphics, and more. I bet Citrix would beg to differ.

1:29 Gabe: Sumit is showing a Kangaroo device, which is a tiny Windows computer that NewEgg sells for under $120. It makes a killer thin client, and VMware likes to talk about it and their Blast protocol together.
One of the knocks against Blast was the bandwidth consumption, which they’ve apparently addressed. We’ll look for some real world data on that before sharing any numbers.

1:30 Jack: VMware is supporting the SwiftPoint mouse in the Horizon iOS client. Just like when Citrix announced the X1 mouse, this is really cool.

1:34 Gabe: Sprint leverages Horizon Air. Insert Sprint joke here. It’s a good use case, though. Imagine all the Sprint stores and what it would take to support that any other way.

1:37 Gabe: Talking Hybrid Mode now, which I think is really great as long as you’re using Horizon Air. Too bad you can’t use it with on-prem Horizon 7, but I have to think they’re working on that. For the time being, the only way to use Hybrid Mode with on-prem desktops is to deploy Horizon Air on-prem, which you can do on hardware from Dell, EMC, QCT, Hitachi, etc... basically any vSAN ready appliances. Of course it works with Horizon Air cloud providers.

All this is cool, but I really take issue with saying that you can deploy this stuff in less than an hour, end to end. Sure, maybe just the VMware stuff, but that’s not “end to end.” You still have to do a lot of work building images, creating applications and resources to assign to users, and so on. You’re not going to do all that on a lazy Friday afternoon.

1:43 Gabe: And they just said that they’re working on the Horizon 7 connector. Hooray for predictions that come true! I really went out on a limb there :)

1:44 Jack: Now on unified endpoint management, Windows 10, and TrustPoint. Shawn is talking about traditional desktop management and its challenges: Enter management from the cloud. Laptops and desktops are treated the same way as phones and tablets.

It’s about way more than Windows 10 MDM, though. They have TrustPoint, which they talked about in the keynote, plus Shawn mentioned App Volumes.

Demo video time: Provisioning package removes bloatware from a Windows 10 laptop and enrolls it in MDM. No imaging involved. Then Win32 apps are pushed down in the background. Then after that some App Volumes app stacks are delivered.

1:52 Gabe: Well, I’m impressed. This is one of the last steps needed to reduce our dependency on clients that belong to a domain. Now, the big question is how much of the extra stuff that traditional desktop management does is the “can’t live without it” kind of stuff?

Jack: Time to look a lot closer at TrustPoint! Shawn said to, too. It really was the missing piece of the Windows 10 puzzle. The Tanium partnership was just announced in June—I’m curious when they started talks and started working on integration.

1:54 Gabe: What happened to A2? They've integrated it. It's seamless. First week of October they'll announce availability and pricing. There are some other vSphere specific things coming out around the same time (around VMworld Barcelona), so October should be interesting.

1:58 Gabe: That’s it for this session! We’ll distill this and prepare to do a podcast. If we can’t find good wifi we’ll just record it offline and post it later. Stay tuned to twitter from @JackMadden or @GabeKnuth for info on if we go live. Thanks for following along!

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