VMworld 2012 Day 2 keynote (the one about EUC) live blog

Hello all! Refresh for updates.

Hello all! Refresh for updates. Reverse chronological order.

9:50 Keynote over. The important new things:

  • Project App Shift
  • App Blast is not dead
  • Horizon Suite
  • Mobile App management on iOS via app wrapping
  • Project Octopus is now called Horizon Data
  • Horizon will Manage XenApp

9:18 They're doing a competition on stage now where each of the Global Diamond sponsors has four minutes to compete to show their coolest "integration" solution for VMware. First is Cisco, but the problem is this is a datacenter solution for moving running servers. So I guess today is not just about EUC. I'm going to go dark until this thing turns around and mentions more EUC stuff.

9:09 Now talking about Horizon Mobile and that it's alive and well. Problem is that it's just Android. So what about iOS? Today they're announcing an app-wrapping solution for iOS. (I think this is also like what Citrix announced for CloudGateway 2?) They look like any app, except they run in a container of their own for security, encryption, wiping, etc. There's even a little "beard" to denote that it's a Horizon-managed app. The behavior of these managed apps are a bit different. Whoa, they're showing off their own iOS mail app. This is a shot at Good Technology. I wonder if they'll move this idea to Android.

9:07 They're showing off how they do mobile apps. They can hook into Google Play and the iOS App Store. I'll have to ask Jack how this will work.

9:03 Now they're demoing the admin interface of the new Horizon Suite. There's a dashboard for seeing all the services.. data, web apps, mobile apps (whoa??!?), thin apps, View, etc. Horizon Suite will manage and hook into XenApp. (Noah told us that two years ago.. nice that it's happening.) Also, Project Octopus will be called "Horizon Data."

9:01 New announcement: Horizon Suite "The platform for workforce mobility." They're taking apps, data, and desktops ("desktops" is new for Horizon) and putting them all into a single product. The App Blast technology will be a big part of the suite, initially for desktops, but eventually for more.

8:59 Now Steve is shifting to the second part of their vision, the brokering. People have more apps than ever: Windows apps, web apps, SaaS, etc. Last year they announced a vision for one common app store, the need to get data out of those silos, and the need for a connection broker to hook it all together. They believe that hub should be the place where they do identity management, authentication, authorization, etc. He's talking about Horizon, Octopus, etc.

8:56 Daniel Beverage is on stage now to show the challenges of using Windows desktops and apps on tablets. They call this "user experience virtualization," or "Project App Shift." They're adding swipe-able stuff, a task tray, leveraging native text translation, etc. This is similar to the Citrix user experience optimization pack. They both have cool features.. I wish we could combine them all into one! Cool stuff. (But what about the apps themselves?)

8:54 Showing the Wanova image on a Mac with Fusion Pro (think of "Pro" like ACE for Mac).

8:53 Vittorio says "BYOD" should be spelled "SYOM" (spend your own money)

8:48 Vittorio is on stage now demonstrating how Wanova works to do a Windows XP to 7 migration... 8:52 still demoing Wanova

8:48 Moving forward, think of View for the Highest Security and Device Mobility, and Wanova for Physical and Offline Operations

8:44 "So View is great, BUT there are a couple of challenges." He mentioned both offline and the fact that VDI can't leverage all the local capabilities. They've tried stuff in the past like ACE and client hypervisors, but instead they bought Wanova. Now he's giving an explanation of how Wanova works... something that we all are very familiar with! (As he's talking about decomposing and layering the desktop, I still want these same layers for VDI too. Why not have one across the board?)

8:42 Talking about the "View Rapid Desktop Program" which is basically VMware's version of Citrix's VDI-in-a-Box, but from partners. It's an easy way to adopt VDI and to get View up and running.

8:40 Three steps to the future, the first is to transform legacy apps into a service. He's talking about the "post PC" world stuff, but apps and desktops are legacy, so we have to focus on the migration of this stuff. That's where VDI comes in. VMware's done a lot there, View 5.1, etc. He's talking about how View 5.1 really helps make management easier, and how they're getting the costs down to move to it, and the efforts of PCoIP to make the user experience great, even over the WAN.

8:39 Steve is talking about the consumerization of IT, BYOD, etc. Just a lot of background info.

8:36 Steve Herrod is taking the stage. "Last year you heard our vision about end user computing. This year the message is exactly the same, except we're executing on it."

8:33 in the keynote waiting for the keynote to begin. Listening to disclaimers about future looking blah blah.

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