VMware lands a few high profile hires of their own in Shawn Bass and Mark Margevicius

In a blog post last week, Sumit Dhawan announced that VMware had hired both Shawn Bass and Mark Margevicius, two people that many of us know. I first crossed paths with Mark at Key Bank in Cleveland during the late 90's (though it's so long ago that I can't remember exactly when).

In a blog post last week, Sumit Dhawan announced that VMware had hired both Shawn Bass and Mark Margevicius, two people that many of us know. I first crossed paths with Mark at Key Bank in Cleveland during the late 90’s (though it’s so long ago that I can’t remember exactly when). I’m reasonably sure that I did a Lotus Notes rollout on MetaFrame 1.8 rollout as a consultant for his department, but we may not have even met. Deploying Lotus Notes on MetaFrame back then required you to be locked in a room for 20 hours a day with zero outside contact and a case of Mountain Dew before they had the red stuff.

Mark is taking on a customer-facing role in the EUC unit at VMware similar to his solutions-oriented job as a Gartner Analyst.

We all know Shawn as a regular contributor on this site (he even has his own tag!) and because he speaks at just about every event you can imagine. Shawn has presented at every BriForum but one and has attended all of them. I met Shawn in 2006 desperately trying to get another presenter’s demo working just a few minutes before her session started even though he, too had a presentation to give. Even though he’s older than me, I remember thinking, “What the hell is this kid doing here?”

Seriously, he looks like he's 17!

Shawn will be VMware’s new Senior Director of Strategy and Planning. He will be entirely focused on the desktop virtualization side of EUC. It will entail a mix of customer interaction, product management, and strategy, with one feeding into the other. He’ll meet with customers to determine their goals and get feedback, then communicate that to product management and engineering teams to address any concerns or add features. He’ll also be involved in the long term strategy including the product pipeline, identifying gaps between VMware’s products and the competition, watching for interesting startups and assisting with acquisitions.

Personally, I’m thrilled for Shawn. I owe a lot to him for his willingness to share his thoughts on desktop virt (and technology in general) over the years. I can’t think of a better person for VMware to have hired for this role, and I’m amazed at how their head of steam just keeps getting bigger with each acquisition and high-profile hire.
Just think–in January of 2013 after a VMworld with virtually no desktop virtualization focus whatsoever, we were speculating about the possibility of VMware selling off EUC to focus on the core products (basically vSphere). VMware ignored Windows, going so far as to call it “legacy” while also disregarding session-hosted apps. Now we’re talking about the possibility of them overtaking Citrix in the desktop and application virtualization space because they’ve nearly pulled even from a solutions standpoint. They’re getting stuff done over there, and they’re doing it by hiring great people.

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Its nice to see Shawn come in out of the freelancer cold, someone had to make him an offer he couldn't refuse at some point and it looks like he landed on his feet.

Good work that man and good luck, I like VMware more with Shawn there !


Man congrats to Shawn! I feel like VMware is super hot right now in the EUC space and Shawn definitely "gets" it. It will be great to see him there.

Shawn probably always had the most interesting (in terms of quantity and quality) things to say of any of the CTPs for Citrix over the years, and I feel like Citrix was actually able to do about 5% of what he wanted. I hope VMware can do more with him! :)

Seriously, this is super awesome. Congrats to Shawn and to VMware!


Shawn was a fantastic resource at the Citrix CTP sessions. This is a great hire for VMware.


Hey Shawn, good News! I always complained in the beginning that VMWare does not know anything about the Desktop. This improved a lot in last couple of years but now with you as spear head - great! - wish you good start

Great to see good things are happening for Shawn, I worked with Shawn in the 90's at GE and I knew back then what a whizz the kid was!!!!