VMware is making progress with their "Octopus" on-premise Dropbox-like product

At VMworld last year, VMware announced something they were working on called "Project Octopus"

At VMworld last year, VMware announced something they were working on called "Project Octopus." You may recall that Octopus is a file synchronization technology that's similar to Dropbox or Box, with the difference being that Octopus will run on the vCloud infrastructure. (The idea is that a company could use Octopus to create their own Dropbox-like service, so they don't have to worry about regulations with external data storage and trusting cloud providers, etc.)

VMware is planning to make native Octopus clients available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and whatever other popular platforms people use.



Most people (myself included) were excited about Octopus, though we haven't really heard too much about it since the initial announcement back in August. But today at a VMware End User Computing customer round table today, I noticed that VMware's VP of End User Computing Vittorio Viarengo had an Octopus icon on his iPhone. I asked him about it and got a quick demo.

Vittorio explained that this was an early alpha that they were just using for testing internally, but he showed us the basic functionality. It works exactly as you'd expect. His Macbook had an Octopus folder that contained all of his documents, photos, etc., which the Octopus app on the iPhone also had access to. He snapped a quick photo of me with the iPhone camera and in an instant that photo appeared in the photos folder on his laptop.

He said they're really focusing on getting Octopus integrated with the rest of the VMware End User Computing offerings, and that it should come out sometime this year.

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It will be interesting to see how Octopus will be adopted in the enterprise, one downside is that it will be a separate system next to the traditional file-storage that exists. I do think that the approach from Novell with Filr will be more interesting where they enable you to add drop-box type functionality in an existing environment allowing you to have a similar experience but with access to your existing Windows / SAN / OES fileshares.

Both products will be available somewhere later this year, it will be nice to compare the two and see what each of them will offer.


Thanks for the update - Can't wait to try this out


This is an amazing news, cant wait to try and recommend it. There is a big demand for a product like this for small and medium size business.


Octopus sounds great, but if you're looking for something now then check out www.Copiun.com

They already deliver an enterprise dropbox solution that does all the same things.  They have a VPNless architecture as well.

I'm an IT manager for a company with 100s of ipads and we use Copiun to deliver the same Dropbox features without the need to use the Cloud.  


I looked at the www.Copiun.com site, and although it would work for your iPads, that is about all it works with. They do not have a Mac OS/X client and the Android App is not available yet. We need something that will cover all the systems. Maybe it will in the future.