VMware is getting into “workflow” apps - Friday Notebook, August 4

Also: Ericom Shield, Frame, Citrix Cloud, Windows 10 S on Qualcomm, Duo Security, Windows Server, and podcast from Gabe and Jack.

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Colin Steele found an interesting scoop this week: VMware will announce “intelligent workflow” mobile app capabilities to go with Workspace One at VMworld. Colin mentioned a source with knowledge of the project’s history, but there’s also some evidence in plain sight in the session catalogue. Workflow apps are at the lighter end of the spectrum that I roughly think of as “faster and easier ways to build in-house enterprise mobile apps.” Bundling them with EMM is a great value add and way for people to dip their toes into the water.

Speaking of VMware, this week Duo Security announced integration with Workspace One. Duo combines both identity management and mobile threat defense features, so we’ll definitely have to get acquainted with them soon.

Citrix announced that Citrix Cloud will be available to service providers. This opens up the possibility for Cloud Service Providers to more easily build managed services platforms based on Citrix technology. Remember, though, that Citrix Cloud is just the management plane, so it will take more than that to build a full-on managed DaaS platform.

Microsoft announced that they will soon begin semi-annual releases for Windows Nano and Windows Server Core. It might sound alarming in a “I’m not updating my servers two times a year” kind of way, but think of it this way: Both Nano and Core are the platforms Microsoft uses the most on Azure, so they’ve already done a lot of real world testing. Additionally, this is only for Nano and Server Core, so those of you with RDSH servers don’t have to worry about it (yet). And last, you don’t have to update--Software Assurance subscribers will have access to the latest builds but not be forced to deploy them.

Finally, for those of you looking forward to chasing down every possible free beer at VMworld in Las Vegas at the end of the month, VMBlog.com posted a list of all the official VMworld parties.

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