VMware Horizon App Manager now available in on-premises version

Today VMware announced that Horizon App Manager 1.5 is now available for on-premises use.

Today VMware announced that Horizon App Manager 1.5 is now available for on-premises use. (VMware also announced View 5.1 and the beta release of Octopus today.)

Horizon is VMware’s service that aggregates users’ web apps and Windows apps into one location and provides single sign on. Brian wrote a full analysis of Horizon a year ago when it was first released. Basically, it can provision and de-provision users for a few of the big SaaS providers like Google and Salesforce, it can do federated login for SaaS apps that support SAML or OAuth, and for older web apps that don’t support federation (and this is probably still most of them) it can do password stuffing. In August of 2011, Horizon added management of Windows apps via ThinApp. Up until today, Horizon was only offered as a service, with subscriptions at $30 per user per year.

Horizon comes on-premises

What’s new now? Horizon App Manager can now be run completely on-premises (or be hosted) as a virtual appliance. While at first it might seem kind of odd for a cloud service to turn into an on-premises virtual appliance, it actually makes sense for two reasons. First, for companies who want to keep authentication resources in their own datacenter, it can be used to authenticate users to web services that support federation and for ThinApp applications. Second, and more important, VMware can now sell it as a tool for other service providers to use (Horizon App Manager can be hosted), instead of providing the service itself.

What about native mobile apps?

There was no mention of native mobile app support today (iOS, Android, etc.), so we're still going to have to wait for this one. VMware has mentioned wanting to include all types of SaaS apps; hopefully there will be mobile application management features by VMworld in August. (And by mobile application management, I mean more than just the ability to side-load apps onto a managed Horizon Mobile Android virtual machine.) Octopus integration would be good to have, too.

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