VDI Like a Pro's 2017 VDI and SBC State of the Industry survey is live

VDI Like a Pro has released their (almost) annual VDI and SBC State of the Industry survey. If you participate, you get full access to the results.

For many years, the folks over at ProjectVRC (Virtual Reality Check), led by Ruben Spruijt and Jeroen van de Kamp, produced an annual VDI and SBC State of the Union report based on a worldwide survey that they conducted. Both Ruben and Jeroen have taken on more responsibilities over the years, so ProjectVRC disbanded in 2016. Their latest endeavor, VDI Like a Pro, features a larger team that includes LoginVSI PM Mark Plettenberg and others, is picking up with ProjectVRC left off.

Yesterday, VDI Like a Pro announced the latest VDI and SBC State of the Union survey. You’ll have until May 5th to complete the survey, and the team will share the results at the end of the month.

These surveys have proved to be extremely useful in the past. Given how broad the use cases for desktop virtualization have become, the data provided gives us an excellent measuring stick by which to compare our existing VDI and SBC environments, verify expected trends, and identify new trends that we couldn’t predict.

Of course, surveys like this are only successful if as many people as possible participate. To that end, anyone that participates will receive the complete report when it is ready. Entrants are also entered into a drawing for three $50 Amazon gift cards. The survey is very comprehensive, but the information collected will be held in strict confidence. The final report will only show numbers in aggregate, so Slick Willie’s House of DaaS doesn’t have to worry about the world knowing they’re running Windows 7 Professional instead of Enterprise. (If you’re curious what the results of these surveys looks like and whether or not it will be worth your time, check out the results of the 2015 State of the VDI and SBC survey.)

The team will still make some data accessible to those that don’t participate, but it’s important to get as many people as possible to take the survey so we can get the best view of the VDI and SBC landscape in 2017. So, when you’re bored Friday afternoon watching the clock tick towards 5:00, head over to VDILikeAPro.com and take the survey. I’m excited to see the results!

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