The 2019 VDI Like a Pro EUC survey is out!

Results: Citrix’s on-premises products are still dominant but showing smaller market share; DaaS is still anyone’s race.

The VDI Like a Pro End User Computing State of the Union 2019 white paper has been published today by Ruben Spruijt, Mark Plettenberg, and Christiaan Brinkhoff.

This is the fifth edition of this vendor-neutral desktop virtualization-focused survey and white paper since 2013. Over the years we’ve found it to be an interesting and uniquely detailed look at our space—where else can you see things like the rate of Citrix PVS versus MCS usage in detail?

Today, I’ll take a quick look at some of the vendor market share data for 2019, as I did with the VDI and DaaS market data for 2018.

The 2019 survey had 582 responses. The demographics do change a bit year over year, and the authors noted that the Citrix community is more active than the VMware Horizon community, so I believe that Citrix users may be more highly represented. But overall, the fact that the same group has been asking the EUC community the same questions over the years is extremely valuable.

First, let’s look at market share for on-premises SBC brokers (i.e., what RDSH product are you using?). Citrix is at the top with a 53% share, but this represents a decline from a peak of over 70%. Breaking down Citrix’s current share, approximately 1 in 5 respondents are on XenApp 6. Microsoft has 19% of the current share, VMware has 17%, and Parallels RAS is showing up with 4% of the market.

In the on-premises VDI broker market, again, Citrix is on top but declining, with a 50% market share, down from 58% the previous year. VMware is at 30%, and Microsoft is at 9%. Workspot was up to 8% last year, but is down under 1% in this year’s survey.

Moving on to DaaS, 13% already using it in some form, 41% are investigating, 26% are not sure, and 20% are not interested. Of those planning to adopt DaaS, the market is wide open, and 23% plan to use service providers. 16% plan to use Citrix Cloud, but if you include those that are interested in Citrix via service providers, the total is 26%. 14% plan to use Windows Virtual Desktop, and 15% are not sure.

I’ve just scratched the surface here. To read the white paper, head to VDI Like a Pro. The data covers many other desktop virtualization topics, including hypervisors, storage, and servers; app management, patching, and security; OS versions, clients, and GPUs; and more.

Thanks to everyone who participated, and thanks to Ruben, Mark, and Christiaan for putting this together!

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