The 2018 VDI Like a Pro survey is live!

We've gotten a lot of value out of this survey over the years, and we hope you have, too, so please consider participating today!

Update, May 29th: The results have been published here.

Ruben Spruijt and Mark Plettenberg of VDI Like a Pro (formerly ProjectVRC) are today opening their 2018 State of the VDI and SBC union survey.

You can participate here, and the survey will run through March 31st.

The goal of this community-oriented survey is to get the latest real world data about VDI, SBC, and DaaS environments. We can talk about all the latest and most interesting desktop virtualization concepts, but there’s nothing that can compare to learning what companies are actually doing when the rubber meets the road.

While Ruben works at Frame and Mark at Login VSI, this is an independent project that they do in their spare time. 2018 marks the fifth edition of the survey, which was first conducted by Ruben and Jeroen van de Kamp in 2013.

VDI Like a Pro will publicly release a white paper in April and present sessions at conferences through the year, but the full data will only be available to survey participants. The data is anonymized and aggregated, so you can feel comfortable sharing information about your environment. They’re also going to give away $50 Amazon gift cards to three randomly-chosen participants.

We helped promote the 2017 edition, and I’m happy to do our part to help again this year. Here are some of the articles that we wrote using the results:

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