VDI Fight: Citrix XenDesktop 7.1, Microsoft Windows Server 2012R2/Win81, VMware View 5.3 + more!

VDI Smackdown: Head-to-head analysis of Citrix XenDesktop 7.1, Microsoft Windows Server 2012R2/Win81, VMware View 5.

VDI Smackdown: Head-to-head analysis of Citrix XenDesktop 7.1, Microsoft Windows Server 2012R2/Win81, VMware View 5.3 + more!

Enterprise Mobility, BYO, Consumerization of IT, BigData, Cloud Computing, Cloud Management Solutions, Dynamic Datacenter and Software Defined Datacenter are the main trends in the IT industry. Virtualization is incorporated in several of these trends.

Virtualization is nothing more than the decoupling of IT resources. The forms of virtualization that are most frequently applied include network, storage, hardware/server, application and desktop virtualization.

Application and Desktop Delivery is a process which has the goal of offering Applications and Desktops independent of location and device, so users can work onsite, online, offsite, offline, anywhere, with any (own) device and at any time. The dynamic delivery of applications and desktops is an essential functionality and part of a broader strategy of 'Tomorrow's Workspace'.
Users want applications and data to be available from a mix of devices (phone, tablet, desktop, laptop etc.) Some devices are “managed”, others are “unmanaged”. A variety of technology solutions are often used to provide applications to users depending on the scenario.

Desktop Virtualization with both Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Server Based Computing, also known as Remote Desktop Services Session Host, is a strategic component in ‘Tomorrow’s Workspace’. With the release of Windows Server 2012, Windows 8.1 and availability of updated Hypervisors, advanced storage solutions and the ability of high-end graphics in VDI the overall adoption of VDI is growing rapidly

Are you looking for an independent overview of desktop virtualization solutions and curious about the different strategy questions? Do you want detailed information about the features and functions each desktop virtualization vendor is offering!? If so the VDI Smackdown is the whitepaper you definitely must read!

In the current market there is an increasing demand for unbiased information about VDI solutions. The white paper is focused on solutions that are anticipated to have an important role in desktop virtualization deployments. An overview of available features of each solution has been created to allow an understanding and comparison of capabilities.

The goals of the VDI Smackdown whitepaper:

  • Provide an application and desktop delivery solutions overview
  • Explain the different desktop virtualization concepts
  • Explain the pros and cons of desktop virtualization
  • Highlight why application virtualization and VDI are a perfect fit
  • Describe the different desktop virtualization vendors and solutions
  • Compare the features of the various desktop virtualization solutions


Starting in June 2010 with the first release of the VDI Smackdown the latest release contains tons of new stuff!! (too much to write in this small blog post). It’s important to understand that comparing features is the last step in the decision tree. Vision, Strategy and Technology are the former steps. Each VDI solution has its own functionality and feature-set. In the VDI Smackdown whitepaper the features of Citrix XenDesktop 7.1, Citrix VDI in a Box 5.3, Dell vWorkspace 8.0,  Microsoft Windows Server 2012R2/Windows8.1 and VMware View 5.3 are investigated, analyzed, questioned and written-down in the whitepaper. Also vendors such as Ericom, Desktone/VMware, NICE and many more are explained. Also more than 40 different strategic questions are written down and will be helpful in your Application and Desktop Delivery strategy. We try to provide accurate, clear, complete and usable information. We appreciate your feedback. If you have any comments, corrections or suggestions for improvements of the VDI Smackdown this document please send me a DM @rspruijt or rsp@pqr.nl

The VDI Smackdown whitepaper and Book are available for download and if you're interested in a hard copy of the VDI Smackdown. A Japanese version of the whitepaper can be downloaded here

"If I read a book that cost me $40 and I get one good idea, I've gotten one of the greatest bargains of all time." #NiceQuote

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