User Workspace Management with RES PowerFuse

User workspace management with RES PowerFuseIntroductionLarge software suppliers are so focused on the management and maintenance of ICT systems that they tend to forget the other important half, the user side, of this management. Users would like to have a simple, uniform, fast and reliable workspace environment.

User workspace management with RES PowerFuse


Large software suppliers are so focused on the management and maintenance of ICT systems that they tend to forget the other important half, the user side, of this management. Users would like to have a simple, uniform, fast and reliable workspace environment. Administrators would like to be able to manage this Windows workspace centrally, regardless of whether it is a physical or virtual workplace, implemented locally or centrally and whether the Windows applications are installed, streamed or virtualised. In many organisations the term ‘user workspace management’ is still relatively unknown. When the organisation understands the meaning of user workspace management and sees the opportunities and benefits this provides to the users and the IT organisation, the customer, in my experience, is often surprised that this solution has not been applied earlier. Customers who use user workspace solutions reap the benefits of this and never want to go back again!

User workspace management!?

Every professional IT organisation should employ a Client Management solution. Client Management provides, among other things, OS deployment, patch management, application and client deployment, asset management, integration with service desk and remote control functionalities. Client management solutions include among others Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), RES Wisdom, Altiris Deployment Solution, LANdesk Client Management and Novell ZENworks. The focus in client management is the device, the workspace. User workspace management is a software solution that facilitates the management of the user workspace environment. The focus is primarily on the end user and his workspace environment and not on the end user's device. The term ‘workplace environment’ does not refer to the ‘physical workplace’ but to everything that a user needs to enable working with applications. A number of requirements we hear our customers regularly say that they need in terms of application and desktop management challenges are: ·         One user and application management platform for laptops, desktops, VDI and Terminal servers with simple installation, configuration and management capabilities, making it experientially functional and pleasant for the user. ·         We are attracting increasingly more mobile users with a laptop, how can I manage these laptops centrally? ·         A safe, fast and simple to manage Terminal Server infrastructure where unaurhorized applications can’t be started. ·         Making the application available to a specific group of users, depending on the location and workplace type. ·         Insight into the application user licence. User workspace management fulfils these and other requirements.

What does RES PowerFuse offer?

RES PowerFuse offers a complete user workspace management solution for Microsoft Windows desktops. PowerFuse provides IT professionals with a solution to configure and manage the configuration, security and monitoring of the user environment from a central console.

The user environment can be implemented on laptops (offline), desktops (online) or centrally on a Terminal Server, BladePC or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). RES PowerFuse is a solution which enables management of the user environment for all these desktop delivery solutions from one console. The Management Console consists of different nodes, each with its own function. The description of the functions provides a full picture of the functionalities offered by PowerFuse. Read the complete article in English or Dutch here:

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RES short of marketing personnel ;-)

I think that RES has a great solution, I am working with this solution for more than 8 years and see the benefits of this solution at my customers.

I try to be realistic as possible when I write an article. I realy hope that you like the content of this article, that's where it's all about. When you, or someone else, has remarks (+ and -) about this solution please share them!


Many thanks for sharing this article.

I was very interested to hear your view of the RES software, praising it so highly, as I'd just read an opinion from an engineer who worked on its development and who is not nearly as enthusiastic about its capabilities. This was his response to a post on YouTube demonstrating the software's benefits...

"RES has got to be one of the worst solutions out there...I used to be an engineer there and although we knew our solution was flawed, we flaunted it as the best out Im an independent contractor for IT and I always suggest what we at RES always knew to be the best, and that is AppSense, check it out if you dont believe me, the facts speak for themselves"

You can view the original at

How do you consider the AppSense alternative in light of his comments?

Many thanks and please keep up the good work informing all us 'noobs'.