Updated: Whoops! BriForum 2008 Chicago is the same dates as the Microsoft MVP Conference. Now what?

Let me start off by saying this is 100% my fault.We scheduled BriForum 2008 Chicago for Mon-Wed, April 14-16, 2008

Let me start off by saying this is 100% my fault.

We scheduled BriForum 2008 Chicago for Mon-Wed, April 14-16, 2008 (at the Chicago Navy Pier! Score!) Unfortunately I just learned that the Microsoft Global MVP Summit is from April 14-17, 2008. (The MVP event was scheduled way before ours. I just forgot to include it in the list of potential date conflicts before we booked our event.)

What does this mean? First of all, probably half our speakers are MVPs. The global MVP summit is an opporunity for the MVPs to spend several days in deep conversations with the product group teams at Microsoft. If we keep the schedule with these two event conflicting, it's really not fair to ask the presenters to choose one event over the other. (It also means we wouldn't have anyone from the TS product group at BriForum.)

So now what do we do? There are several options:

  • Keep BriForum scheduled for April 14-17. (I think this would be bad)
  • Move BriForum to a different Mon-Wed, but due to Chicago event bookings we'd probably have to push BriForum into June. (If they even can find availability.)
  • Move BriForum so that one or more days are on a weekend. This would be MUCH easier to schedule.

In the past several years, people have asked us to consider a weekend date for BriForum. But we've always thought that people like missing work. :) What do you think? One weekend day or two? Fri-Sun? Thur-Sat? Sun-Tue? Mon-Wed? Please share your thoughts below.

UPDATE:  We just created a very simple online survey to collect results. Thanks again for sharing your feedback!

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Why don't you create a pole ?
Either way is OK by me. But June on the Pier would be a whole lot nicer than April!
I not only like missing work, I like NOT missing weekends...
Move BriForum to another day in april so that one or more days are on a weekend

For us european guys i doesnt matter (we come or go in the weekend)
Great idea! I just created a poll and posted the link in the article. Thanks!
Maybe this is just a totally crazy suggestion, but if booking in Chicago is so difficult...how about another city?
BriForum 2008: The App Delivery Expo?
Hi Brian,

I can imagine that for the presenters (alot are MVP) two conference in one month can be difficult to plan.
Maybe a different time @ a different location is an option?
Switch Australia and US with each other..

This may be a little selfish here but - MVP Summit is in Seattle, tack Briforum on before or after the summit. One trip, one great city... :)
I vote for another city or at least the suburbs! Somewhere hotels rooms don't cost more than my child's college tuition?
Go tell Microsoft to F-themselves... If they want their MVP to attend then they will change their dates. This issue didn't exist last year.
You are an angry person. Calm down.
You should've done what I did, use Hotels.com / Hotwire.com, etc.
I got my room two blacks from the Gleacher Center, and it was under the government per diem rate: $139.00, and the hotel I got was not a hole in the wall. I would rate it as a three-four star hotel. You just got to know how to shop around.
It's just a joke... No need to get all uptight.
You're too sensitive. Lighten up and laugh for once. It's a joke, jeez.
Children Please. stop bickering ;)
Come to San Diego on a different date. I'm sure everyone would hate to go somewhere warm and sunny, with lots of Pubs. There's a world class conference center, and plenty of hotels. Oh yeah, it's also walking distance from my place....

I've heard the arguement to keep it centralized in the US, but if you have to get on a plane, does it really matter where it is?
... says the guy who lives in San Diego!
This is a bit off the topic, but scheduling the conference Weds-Fri strikes me as a better option than Mon-Weds. The conference delivers a great deal of information session to session. Frankly, by the end of the conference, time is needed to further digest the material, returning to the office on Thursday diminishes this opportunity. Just a thought....