Updated: Free utility runs script when client IP or name changes or on session disconnect/reconnect

Note: This article now refers to version 1.3 of ReconnAct!

Note: This article now refers to version 1.3 of ReconnAct!, an update of the original version.

Dennis Damen, one of the two DADE Power Tools guys (see their other tools) and an employee of Login Consultants has created free utility called ReconnAct! that runs on a Terminal Server and creates two environment variables: CURRENT_CLIENTIP and CURRENT_CLIENTNAME. These variables are automatically updated when a user connects from a different client.

The best part is that you can also configure this tool to run a process (script, executable, etc.) whenever one of these parameters changes, so we finally have a way to update printer mappings when users log on from other workstations!

Version 1.2 introduces a the new ability to run a script on disconnect and/or disconnect! This means that we finally have a way to cleanly log users off after their idle time limit is reached!

Version 1.3 fixes some bugs and adds the ability to run a script that's hidden from the user.

To use this tool, you simply add a small 18kb executable called ReconnAct!.exe to the users' or servers' logon scripts.

I wish I had these five years ago! Download from the link on this page.


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I'm very sorry but I sent the wrong version. This version contains a bug. I will have access to the source when I get home tonight so I will update A.S.A.P.
So download away! (Dennis says the next version is going to let us run scripts on disconnect too, which is awesome awesome awesome!!!
Using the 2K version you may experience high CPU usage. This is because the Timer routine uses milliseconds instead of seconds. For now, to correct this problem enter milliseconds on the command line. I.E. /t:5000 for a 5 second interval.
Also the new timer does not solve the problem - Dennis is investigating it.
the problem occurs, when more than about 15 reconnact!s are running...
There's an update of the Windows 2000 version available on the Login Consultants portal.
Wondering if this could ever run as a service since all of our users would have the same settings... I know it would probably change it significantly, but it would be neat :)
Yes, it would be neat but...

1. The code would be far more complicated.
2. You'd have to install stuff on your server. (a service)
3. It would be more difficult to configure the tool on a per user or per group basis.

I admit it would probably eat less memory resources but I think it would overcomplicate things. Especially for the coder... And that's the biggest problem because that's me :D

This utility is just what we need for roaming sessions! However, can you give me any pointers on what kind of script to run?
We need to remap to the new default printer when the user goes to a different pc

Check https://www.brianmadden.com/forum/fb.asp?m=11175 for a hint.
Unfortunately, I've still got a few of these... :(


This tool seems to be a good thing.

But how can I map a local printer on a different machine, if I don't know the name of the printer?


Ok, I get the CURRENT_CLIENTIP variable, and wrote a fun script  to map printers based on it, but it doesn't seem to be updating when I connect from a differnt site, do I need to have this .exe in the machine login script, user script, or should it work if I run it manually ??Also, resetting the Var. manually doesn't change the registry, and apperently VB pulls from reg. not mem ... silly VB