Ugh! I guess I need to start calling it "XenApp" now too.

Most readers know that I love the name XenApp as the new name for Presentation Server. The only thing that I didn't like was the fact that Citrix is now referring to Presentation Server 4.

Most readers know that I love the name XenApp as the new name for Presentation Server. The only thing that I didn't like was the fact that Citrix is now referring to Presentation Server 4.5 as "XenApp" instead of simply using the term XenApp for the new versions of the product moving forward. So even though I didn't agree with the way Citrix uses the term XenApp, I have to admit: It's everywhere! And it's getting really hard for me to keep using the term "Presentation Server."

So I hate to admit it, but I think I'm going to start calling Presentation Server "XenApp" from no one, even though no such product exists. I guess it will be easy that my own terminology matches Citrix's. But a little part of me dies inside every time I say XenApp 4.5.

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But is both presentation server4.5 and xenApp are same or do we really have some differences between them?????



Is that only the name of PS4.5 is changed to xenApp or there are a feature changes also??

Today, "XenApp 4.5" is just the new name for "Presentation Server 4.5." They are the same. In the future, XenApp 5.0 will be the brand new product.

Guest, are you kidding?

I found myself writing XenApp (when I'm clearly referring to CPS4.5) in a proposal document the other day after a day of name indoctrination at Citrix HQ. 

Writing it made me feel dirty.


Dude! YES!! This is exactly what I happened to me. I was talking to someone last week and I said XenApp when referring to PS4.5.. I was like "Dammit!" But I kept on slipping. I was really, really hoping to hold out until XA5. Oh well!

Any word on the new release of XenApp 5?

Citrix has the new Beta ICA v11 clients on their download site.

Citrix WinFrame
Citrix Metaframe
Citrix Metaframe XP
Citrix Metaframe Presentation Server
Citrix Presentation Server
Citrix XenApp

These marketing people are just ever-so-bored. :(  Most users I know still call it Citrix, they are oblivious to anything else.  All they end up doing is confusing administrators.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought XenApp 5.0 would be only for Windows 2008 servers, where PS 5.0 would be for Windows 2003 servers.......or is that Project Deleware.......I thouoght you or Gabe were going to release an updated chart displaying Citrix's new names of all their products and their AKA/former names to help clarify everything.
But i understand a difference between CP4.5 and xenApp..i couldnt istall the former in Win2k8 but could install the later in i rite..and if so are there few more diffferences like this?

"Citrix XenApp
will be the new product line name for all versions of Presentation
Server going forward, beginning with Project Delaware. The Citrix
Presentation Server name will remain on all existing product,
documentation, support and marketing tools specific to the 4.5 and
earlier releases of the product." 

Is this true for both Win2K3 and Win2K8?

XenAPP, winframe, metaframe, here is idea citrix... keep the name the same for two relaeses and take the money spent on changing the name of the same product and fix the damn printing

I work for Citrix. Citrix has rebranded Presentation Server 4.5 to "XenApp 4.5". Versions 4.0 and earlier are the only versions that are still called "Presentation Server". Project Delaware, which is XenApp for W2K8, will be released later this year and the version number (rumored to be 5.0) has not yet been confirmed. There will be also be a separate, smaller release that comes out the same time as Delaware that contains many of the Delaware features but is compatible with W2K3 for customers that are not ready to move to Server 2008. That release (Project Scioto) will be available as a download on

The funny thing is that in their Advanced Concepts guide for Xenapp 4.5 Platinum they refer to Xenapp 3.0, etc.  Looks like they did a bulk search and replace.