UPDATED: Jetro Launches CockpIT 3.5, No Endorsement from Microsoft?

Jetro Platforms just released the 3.5 versions of its products that compete with Citrix's MetaFrame product line.

[UPDATE: Since first publishing this article, I spoke with Microsoft's Product Manager for Terminal Server, Mike Schutz. He provided some more information about Microsoft's relationship with Jetro.]

Jetro Platforms just released the 3.5 versions of its products that compete with Citrix's MetaFrame product line. This minor update adds some security and Windows CE support features. It's also built for Windows 2003. Jetro's press release is available here. (This link points to PRWeb. The press release has been removed from Jetro's own website.) More product information is available directly from Jetro.

In the press release, Mike Schutz (TS Product Manager at Microsoft) is quoted as saying, "Jetro Platforms CockpIT 3.5 illustrates the tremendous extensibility of the platform that helps makes the Windows Server 2003 family of servers the best solution for the widest range of enterprises."

I originally said that Microsoft endorsed Jetro's new product in the press release, but Mike Schutz told me that his quote was really about about Windows, and that Jetro is no different than the thousands of other ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) who seek Windows certification for their applications.

Mike also pointed out (several times, I might add), that this does not indicate any less of a commitment to Citrix.

Finally, he also told me that imminent press release about a joint Jetro-Microsoft marketing agreement that Jetro's November 2003 newsletter mentioned never happened, and that Jetro and Microsoft DO NOT have any kind of Joint Marketing agreement in place.

Regardless of Jetro's relationship with Microsoft, I reviewed the previous version of Jetro's product in my "Server-Based Computing Software Round-up" last year. I'll be updating that article in May once Citrix releases MetaFrame Presentation Server 3.0. I've used Jetro's products in the past, and they are a great solution if you're looking for more functionality than native Terminal Services at a cheaper price than Citrix.

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