This is your two week reminder for GeekOut 365 Call for Papers!

You have just under two weeks to get your GeekOut 365 submissions in!

A few weeks ago we opened up Call for Papers for GeekOut 365, our community-driven, expert-led video platform that we’re launching to (at least in a small way) replace BriForum. We’re pretty excited about it because nothing this focused has been done before. Sure, you could record something and put it on YouTube, but the video will get lost among thousands of other videos. We’re building GeekOut 365 as a platform that serves the sole purpose of delivering expert-led, independent technical content.

What is GeekOut 365?

When Jack and I were asked to come up with something we could do online to replace BriForum, we tried to focus on the type of site we would like to visit. We’ve all attended “virtual conferences,” and they always manage to disappoint in some way. Some try to be too much like a real conference, with live videos and different tracks. Others are virtual tradeshows with virtual expo halls and funny-looking avatars hanging around.

This is not that.

What we decided on was to try to recreate the type of video platforms we actually use, like Netflix or Hulu. Those platforms let you search or browser for content, then suggest similar content based on what you watch. You can find old classics, or get exposed to something that you might not have been aware of before. (You can read more about the platform in our Announcing GeekOut 365 article.)

That’s what we want GeekOut 365 to be. We’re making a one-stop shop for all of our EUC-related videos. Jack and I are currently going through every single BriForum video since 2011 (nearly 500!) and tagging them with what the sessions are about. Those videos, combined with new content that we get from our amazing community, will combine to make GeekOut 365 the go-to resource for independent, technical content.

All of this content will be free for anyone to view, and with your help we can keep the content fresh and relevant to what’s going on in the real world, independent of the hype being generated by all the activity in the EUC space. In that way, it will carry the torch that BriForum held for twelve years.

The best part about GeekOut 365 Call for Papers is that we’re nowhere near as limited as we used to be with regards to which sessions we can select. That means we can get into areas that we didn’t have room for at BriForum, and we can also select way more sessions that we ever could before. Basically, if you submit something unique and interesting, you’ve got a good shot at getting in! (We always wanted this for BriForum, but we would have required 12 rooms and 6 days to put all the sessions we wanted into the show!)

Call for Papers

We still need your help to make GeekOut 365 a success! Our plan is to launch the platform in July, and to do it right we need lots of new content. The Call for Papers process is currently open, and while there has been some interest so far, we want more! You can read all the GeekOut 365 Call for Papers details about it in our article from a few weeks ago, but here’s the gist:

You have until May 5 to submit your idea for a session (that’s less than two weeks away!). We’ll pick sessions by May 15 and let you know if your session has been accepted. Then, you’ll have until June 30 to create your video. We’ve got a lot of experience with this process and are happy to help with any production questions (it’s really pretty simple).

We’re really hoping to kick this off with a bang, so please submit your sessions soon. If you have any questions about whether or not your idea is worth turning into a video, let us know. We’ll be more than happy to help flush out an idea.

Thanks, and we can’t wait to get GeekOut 365 launched! If you’re ready to submit, click the button below to get started.

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