ThinPrint Announces Three New Printing Products

ThinPrint is a software company that makes software for printing in mobile and low-bandwidth environments.

ThinPrint is a software company that makes software for printing in mobile and low-bandwidth environments. They got their start in the Citrix and Terminal Server printing market several years ago. At iForum 2003, ThinPrint announced three new products.

The first is a new version of their flagship product"ThinPrint .print 6.0." In Citrix MetaFrame environments, ThinPrint is used for driver-free printing to any type of printer. Their software allows users to print to any printer at full quality with the ability to use all the features of the printer. (Collating, duplexing, etc.) I'm not really going to go into the details about how it works here, since they're outlined in the freely-downloadable "Printing" sample chapter from Ron and my new book. (If you don't have a copy yet, ThinPrint will actually be passing out a free hardcopy at their booth at iForum.)

My personal favorite part of ThinPrint is the fact that the ThinPrint client agent software is available for so many different devices. Of course the ThinPrint client is available for 32-bit Windows, but they also have a client agent that can be installed on Windows CE, Windows Print Servers, an embedded client for hardware print servers, and (this is my favorite), a chip-based client that snaps into the DIMM slots on network printers.

Version 6.0 of ThinPrint adds several new features over the previous version, including adaptive compression, MMC-based administration, support for AIX, Solaris, and Linux, support for Microsoft Windows Clusters, individual paper tray selection, and auto-connect functionality over web connections.

In addition to ThinPrint 6.0, ThinPrint also announced that they will be selling a version of ThinPrint for Windows Small Business Server 2003. (In case you missed it, SBS 2003 allows you to add separate Terminal Servers to the SBS Active Directory.) ThinPrint for SBS 2003 will have all the features of the full version, except of course it will only install onto Terminal Servers that are part of SBS-based Active Directories. Pricing hasn't been announced yet, but they tell me it will probably be in the $400-500 range, (as compared to $1700 for the real version).

Lastly, ThinPrint also announced version 2.0 of their Content Beamer software. This software is used to allow a mobile device to print via WAP or HTML applications to a nearby printer via infrared or bluetooth, or a fax machine, without having client viewing software installed on the device. (i.e. You can use it to print a Word document received as an email attachment via a mobile phone, even if that phone can't run Word.) Even though this technology has nothing to do Citrix or server-based computing, it's still kind of cool.

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This message was originally posted by cheese on November 1, 2004
I don't seem to be able to click the link to the freely-downloadable book link.
I get "The system cannot find the file specified."