There’s plenty of space for unique approaches to MAM: Looking at Appdome’s App Publisher Service

Appdome will host apps for ISVs, and then automatically integrate SDKs on demand for enterprise customers.

I’ve written extensively on the topic of mobile app management, including the issues that come up as a result of the multiple proprietary MAM SDKs on the market. You can read more about the landscape here, but one problem is that it’s a lot of work for ISVs and customers to get all these different SDKs into apps. It’s into this environment that Appdome introduced AppFusion, a tool for automatically integrating SDKs into mobile apps.

As I wrote last October, Appdome customers can upload an app into AppFusion and then select SDKs and other security features to be integrated. (SDK partners include BlackBerry Dynamics and Pulse Secure; Appdome also offers its own security features for integration.) Customers then sign, download, and distribute the modified app. This model assumes that customers already have the binary for the app they want to modify and deploy.

However, now Appdome is taking another step. With the recently announced App Publisher Service, ISVs can host their app binaries in Appdome’s platform. So instead of bringing the binary app with them, customers can log in, choose the app they need, and then continue on with the process.

This means that ISVs can get out of the business of integrating and supporting different SDKs for different customers. Instead, Appdome is taking on that responsibility. (Appdome also takes care of notifying customers when app or SDK updates are available.)

All of this does require ISVs to be okay with customers doing private, enterprise-signed distributions of their apps, and they have to be comfortable with Appdome integrating the SDKs and providing support. And of course both the app and the SDK a customer wants have to be available in App Publisher Service, so there’s somewhat of a network effect dependency here.

I really like that Appdome wants to bring together multiple MAM providers and ISVs into single platform to make things easier for everybody involved. I still haven’t had a chance to see this in action or read any independent technical reviews, but they have a good list of partners so far, including BlackBerry Dynamics, as I mentioned in October. The App Publisher Service launched with Jive as a reference partner; plus other apps are available already, including Notate and Thycotic, and there are more coming.

What do you think? And if you have any experience with Appdome, let us know.

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