There's a ton of EMM news to catch up on! (EMM News Roundup, January 29, 2016)

Here's everything that happened in enterprise mobility management in January. Recent news VMware 2015 earnings - EUC bookings are at a $1.

Here's everything that happened in enterprise mobility management in January.

Recent news

VMware 2015 earningsEUC bookings are at a $1.2 billion annual run rate; AirWatch bookings $370 million. That's the biggest EMM number we've seen, and good news for people wondering how the $1.5 billion purchase price for AirWatch would be recouped.

Citrix 2015 earningsCitrix doesn't break out revenue for XenMobile, and instead noted that most mobile opportunities are morphing to the whole workspace suite. In Q4, the workspace services business was $452 million. Also, read Brian's profile of new CEO Kirill Tatarinov.

More new integrations for Office mobile and Office Online—Now if you use Dropbox, Box, ShareFile, or Egnyte, you can do real time co-authoring using Office Online. Office for iOS will be able to integrate with more services, too.

BlackBerry is starting to integrate GoodThey also have new product suites combining Good and BES.

CocaCola is using Windows 10 with AirWatch MDM—It’s not an official reference, but it’s on a public Linkedin post.

VMware started hyping a February 9 announcement—so stay tuned. They’ve actually had a history of making announcements like this (like last year).

News from earlier in January

MobileIron has a new CEO and good 2015 Q4 numbers ( article)—After a challenging financial start to 2015, MobileIron had a much better end of the year. Barry Mainz is the new president and CEO. He was formerly the president of Wind River, an IoT company, and has had some experience with EMM.

Citrix released XenMobile 10.3 ( article)—This is the biggest release since all the Elliott stuff started, and the emphasis for it is on MDM for Windows 10 and Mac OS X.

Virtual mobile infrastructure vendor Nubo raised a $7M round A—What’s VMI? Read here.

iPad multiuser mode is teased (And it’s about time!)—It’s just for education for now, but let’s hope it makes it to the enterprise, or even consumers. (It could replace the old multi-user strategy of just buying a new iPad and giving your old one to your kids.)

iOS 9.2.1 finally fixes MDM bugs—iOS 9.2 broke MDM managed app installation. It’s unfortunate, but these things just happen.

JAMF had a really good 2015—They also got a lot of attention in 2015 from their Mac management deal with IBM.

AirWatch and Intel partner on security—The announcement is very general, so what does this mean? I had a call with them and wrote an article for next Monday (sorry for the cliffhanger).

Other Blog posts

Sure, there are a lot of reasons to be skeptical about EMM, but at the end of the day, mobile devices, mobile apps, the cloud, and SaaS are coming no matter what. We have to do something about that, and right now to me it looks like that something is EMM, identity management, and other related technologies. (Link here.)

I updated my list of all the best EMM resources.

I met with Pam Dingle, from Ping Identity.

I’m really curious what will drive Windows 10 migrations, and when it will happen. Will it be MDM? Fear of coming down to the wire like with XP to 7? Will it be easier this time around? (Link here.)


(Correction, Friday, January 29: An earlier version of this article stated that Citrix's workspace services business had $352 million of revenue in Q4. That was incorrect. The correct amount is $452 million.)

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The transcript looks incorrect for Citrix.  In Q4, the workspace services business was $452 million and NOT $352.  Here is official link


Hi Vishal — thanks for pointing that out. On the recording linked from the Citrix investor website, David Henshall definitely says $352 million. I'll email Citrix PR for clarification.


Yep, confirmed—$452 million it is.


Nothing on IBM MaaS360? Their FedRAMP certification, they can manage older PCs like Windows 7, Samsung ELM support etc.