The morning after....

Well.. What is there to say?

Well..  What is there to say?  This conference RULES!  VERY little vendor garbage, much better than 8 hours a day of being harrassed by sales people..   Rick Mack's session yesterday on troubleshooting problem apps was AMAZING!!  That guy is incredibly smart, and an excellent presenter as well.  Jeff's session on Terminal Server Session Security that I'm sitting in right now is also awesome!  Yesterday was just great...  Very informative speakers, extremely friendly people...  Brian has been extremely nice and welcoming, as well as have everyone working the event.  GK, Jane, Ryan, Nikki (sp?), and everyone else whose name escapes me at the moment..  Emily did a phenomenal job organizing the party yesterday at Galaxy Billiards.  The food was out of this world, and much more than I had ever expected..  Panera sandwiches for lunch, then for dinner there was two different types of pasta, chicken fingers, friend mozzarella sticks, friend shrimp, ribs, brownies, cookies, fresh fruit, a crudite tray, it was a marvelous spread.  I've been to wedding receptions that didn't have food that good.. 

As for everything else..   The names have been omitted to protect the guilty, but you know who you are:


"I've got this great shot you have to try!  It tastes like chocolate cake.  It's called a Cement Mixer."  *gross face 20 minutes later* "That's kind of squishy" *eruption of laughter from witnesses* (someone got a picture of this)

"Sir, if my manager comes along, you'll have to stop talking, you're starting to slur a bit much..."

I'm sure there will be more info to post about later..    Until then.....

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