The desktop and application virtualization 2008 year in review

The desktop and application virtualization 2008 year in review

Another year has ended. We did a "year in review" article in 2005 and 2006 (not sure what happened last year), and we thought it would be fun to take a look back at the significant events in the desktop and application virtualization space from 2008.

What was 2008's main theme?

If you could sum up the year with a single theme, that theme would be "desktop virtualization is here to stay." I don't want to go so far as to say that desktop virtualization is mainstream, but 2008 saw Microsoft, VMware, and Symantec getting serious about it, and Citrix fighting to keep the lead they'd established via XenApp over the past decade.

The biggest conversations of 2008 on

As we've written many times before, one of the things we're most proud of about is the passion and depth of conversations we have about various topics. Some of my favorite / the most-viewed articles of the year included:

2008 news timeline

From a tactical standpoint, there was a lot to write about this year. Among the "big" stories:





  • Symantec buys Appstream







Big job changes for a lot of folks in our industry

2008 was probably the biggest year in recent memory for people to leave / change jobs.

Patrick Rouse, Jeff Pitsch, Rick Mack, and Michel Roth all joined Quest Software's Provision Networks Division (although Jeff is back to being an independent consultant now). Microsoft MVPs and CTPs Gus Pinto and Rich Crusco joined Citrix, and Ron Oglesby left Glass House to join Dell.

And who can forget that Diane Green left was fired from VMware in July?

And while we're talking about personal changes, I should mention that 2008 was the year that Shawn Bass was finally recognized as an MVP! ;)

Gabe and I had some big changes too, joining TechTarget in November.

On the personal standpoint, both Gabe and Emily had babies this past year. (Not with each other. Gabe and his wife Kaylene had their first son, Carson, in March, and Emily and her husband Chris had their first son, Luke, in September.) And I officially ended my "virtual" lifestyle, settling down in beautiful San Francisco this past September.

What did you think were the biggest stories of last year?

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I thought this was cool :) Citrix ICA on the iPhone...aka Project Braeburn!,+iCitrix+%21

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