The Opening Party at the MVP Conference

Man oh man! What an event.

Man oh man! What an event. I’ve been at the MVP conference for a total of 6 hours now, and my main goal so far has been to find people who can give me free drink tickets. Seriously, this is one major geek event. All of the conversations that I’ve overheard have been things like “So my Active Directory on my cell phone needed to be rebuilt to security path 852912. <click click> Ha hahahaha!”

Seriously, since I’m a first year (freshman) MVP, I got hazed. Big time. The first thing the senior MVPs made me do was to configure a WFW 3.11 computer to authenticate to an AD domain. Once I got through that, I had to get USB to work on Windows 95a with third-party drivers.

Ron and I are both Terminal Server MVPs, and Terminal Server is not exactly the most popular product in the Microsoft universe. We were pleasantly surprised, however, to see that they let us register at the main registration booth. We were both thinking that they’d send us to a card table down on the street.

There are a lot of MVPs here for all the various Microsoft technologies. Hey! There’s an X-Box guy. Gotta go…

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