The Friday notebook - October 28, 2016

All the latest news and blog posts, assembled by Jack Madden and Gabe Knuth. Featuring PowWow, Tanium, VMware, AWS, and much more.

Here’s what happened and what was interesting in the enterprise mobility and end user computing space in the week leading up to October 28, 2016.


PowWow acquired StarMobile. App transformation has been going through quite a few changes this year, but we’re still optimistic about the concept.

Also on the app transformation front, Capriza announced pre-built micro-app components. This should help speed things up for app creators, and we think this is pretty good idea.

It was hardware week. Microsoft announced the Surface Studio and the Surface Dial, and we learned that the next major Windows update (due next spring) is the “Creators” update, and will prominently feature 3D apps. On the Apple side, the new MacBook Pro is sporting a “Touch Bar.” We think it’s pretty cool. (For more info, here are the developer guidelines.)Does all this affect enterprise EUC? Mostly no. But do EUC IT pros like nerding out on this stuff? Absolutely.

Samsung acquired Tachyon, a software package made Kaprica Security. Tachyon helps deploy Samsung Knox devices, and will augment Knox’s customization and bulk deployment capabilities.

BlackBerry may be planning to stop developing hardware, but they this week they released another new Android phone. BlackBerry’s new strategy is to be “the smart in the phone,” and various BlackBerry-associated devices will still be around. So there you have it—long live BlackBerrys.

A new version of Lookout (mobile threat detection software) now looks at app risk, too. As we pointed out a few weeks ago, Microsoft has been talking about Lookout quite a bit; and overall the conversation around third-party mobile security products is more active than it’s ever been before.

Citrix releases this week: New features in ShareFile Sync for Mac (including selective sync and remote wipe), a new Receiver for Chrome/HTML5, and new support offerings.

Like I said last week, we don’t follow stock prices and earnings, but MSFT at all time high since 90s. The New Microsoft continues.

Our Blog Posts

Gabe: VMware and AWS partnership is just what each other needed. Now…will it work with desktops?

Jack: Jamf and IBM are showing how Mac in the enterprise is changing.

Gabe: PowWow buys StarMobile as App Transformation space transforms itself

Jack: An introduction to Tanium (the technology partner for VMware TrustPoint)

Other Blog Posts

Here’s Kirill Tatarinov on how Citrix is moving forward.

Thoughts of the week:

From Jack: Hearing Orion Hindawi talk about Tanium really was the highlight of my week—it's super interesting stuff. Amusing sidenote: while I was working on the story, I came upon an article from 2010 where Brian suggested that Citrix should get into client management by buying BigFix. Of course that never came to pass, but it a way did foretell today's world where VMware is managaing physical Windows 10 devices.

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