The Friday notebook - November 11, 2016

Assembled by Gabe and Jack, featuring all the usual suspects in EUC.

Here’s what happened and what was interesting in the enterprise mobility and end user computing space in the week leading up to November 11, 2016.


The biggest news of the week is probably that Sanjay Poonen will become COO at VMware, which has paved the way for Sumit Dhawan to take over as GM of End User Computing. Sanjay’s appointment to COO fills a void left when Carl Eschenbach left the company in March. Congrats to both on their moves. It’s nice to see people with a large EUC focus making into such high-level positions at VMware, which was unthinkable just a few years ago.

Citrix XenMobile apps (formerly Worx apps) will soon be available in public app stores, so now there's no more need to wrap each new release on your own every time it comes out. Also from Citrix, check out recent and upcoming features in ShareFile.

Last week, Parallels released version 15 of their Remote Application Server. We covered RAS and the changes Parallels has made since acquiring 2X in depth earlier this year.. This release is relatively minor, but it does include iOS and Android clients with native gesture support. (Prior to this release, they had regular mobile clients that were pretty bland.) More information on the new features is in their Remote Application Server blog, which is updated surprisingly often.

Parallels has been busy, because they also just released Parallels Mac Management 5.0. If you’re not familiar, the product adds the ability to manage Macs into SCCM, giving you a single platform to manage all your desktops. The biggest change in this version is that it now supports Apple’s Device Enrollment Program, meaning you can on-board Macs into your SCCM seamlessly using “The Apple Way.”

Microsoft open-sourced its Azure Container Services engine and released the first SharePoint 2016 feature pack.

Blog posts

Jack: As the “gig economy” spreads, stand-alone mobile app management will get more important. Even though MDM and the AppConfig approach is getting more flexible, it won’t work for many contractor and part-time users. Podcast #124: Gabe and Jack talk VMware, Citrix, Identity, and Macs. Also: Windows 10 Mobile, BlackBerry, what's going on around the site, and our upcoming events.

Gabe: Natural Language User Interfaces are making their way into useful products. Elements of Natural Language User Interfaces are making it into enterprise products. We've seen this before, but this time it's for real.

Thoughts of the week

We’ll be speaking in Washington, DC next week at a After Hours event. Attendance is free, as is the food and beer (thanks to Tintri, our sponsor). We’ll spend some time talking about all the hot topics in EUC, then we’ll have a conversation with Tintri where we’ll get an answer to the question, “What makes your all-flash array different from all the other all-flash arrays?” via a live demo.

If you’re in the DC area, stop by. You have to register ahead of time, and the tab opens at 5:30 at Carmine’s at 425 7th St NW.

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