The Friday Notebook: May 5, 2017

Windows 10 S dominated the week, but we also looked at Citrix, Nerdio, Blue Cedar, Oracle, and featured a post from Jo Harder.

Here’s what happened in enterprise end user computing, desktop virtualization, and mobility in the week leading up to May 5, 2017.


The biggest news of the week was of course Windows 10 S. As I wrote, “there were no big surprises. It’s a version that’s dedicated to the Windows Store, to the exclusion of traditional desktop apps—that is, unless you’re motivated to pay a $49 and take the security and performance risks. Microsoft says you shouldn’t, though. (Official Microsoft blog post | FAQ | press release)” Along with this came the Surface Laptop (meh), and perhaps most important, real Office apps in the Windows Store, via the Desktop Bridge. Since this is going to be the talk of Synergy, VMworld, and other conferences, I wrote up Gabe’s and my thoughts (with additional thoughts on other alternative devices).

A few weeks ago, rumors broke that Citrix might be up for sale, and Gabe even wrote that this time it seems like it might actually happen. This week, more rumors have cropped up, this time regarding potential suitors, including Bain Capital, Carlyle Group, and Thoma Bravo, as well as one “strategic suiter.” Here’s more from Bloomberg.

ITaaS / DaaS vendor Nerdio is taking their platform to Azure—here’s the write-up from Gabe. This is one of the ‘DaaS + other stuff’ platforms that have caught our attention lately.

Blue Cedar (which does MAM and VPNs and was formerly part of Mocana) announced a major round of updates to their app security technology this week. It now works with more challenging apps like VoIP apps or apps built on Xamarin. Here are more details.

Oracle is re-upping their relationship with VMware AirWatch for mobile app management. Oracle actually has quite a bit going on the in mobility department, with pre-built apps, an app development platform, and cloud services. Oracle acquired Bitzer Mobile back in 2013, and joined VMware ACE (the predecessor to the AppConfig Community) in 2015. The press release doesn’t specify which MAM technologies this week’s new partnership involves, but I have an enquiry in with VMware, and I’ll update when I learn more.

Alex Simons, Microsoft's Azure AD guru, blogged some stats on Azure AD and third-party apps. I haven’t had time to compare them to Okta’s Businesses at Work report, which could be interesting, but just look at the growth! As Gabe wrote, this has to keep Okta awake at night.

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