The Friday Notebook: March 3, 2017

We wrap up Mobile World Congress and look at mobile virtualization, Windows, AWS, Cylance, and EMM metrics.

Here’s what happened and what was interesting in the enterprise mobility and end user computing space in the week leading up to March 3, 2017.


This week was Mobile World Congress, and aside from all the handset announcements, there was a bit of EMM news. I covered it here, and it includes updates from BlackBerry, IBM MaaS360, Cog Systems (mobile virtualization), MobileIron and Lenovo, Centrify, and AirWatch.

Speaking of mobile virtualization (in various forms), I took a look at Cog Systems, which has roots in the old Open Kernel Labs that we were talking about a few years ago. Three other loosely-related announcements also crossed my desk:

AWS just released AWS Organizations, which puts more policy controls in place around multiple accounts. This is similar to some the controls that IDaaS products put on from the outside. Speaking of AWS, here’s their blog post about their outage this week.

Recently I wrote about the Windows Cloud rumors, and we talked about the concept during our podcast with Jon Rolls. Well, now here’s something a bit more concrete: A Windows Insider build has features that allow users to turn off the installation of Win32 apps and just stick with Windows Store apps. (Via

Here comes Docker Enterprise Edition.

Cortado Corporate Server is now multi-tenant enabled, for service providers.

Also interesting this week

A look at some of the challenges in creating the Citrix XenMobile MDX Service.

Draft 5G mobile specifications were announced. (Via Ars Technica UK.) It will be years until we actually get it, but it’s interesting to think about. Will this just mean bigger pipes, or will it enable new business models?

Our blog posts

Jack: Mobile World Congress 2017 is going on now, and we’re following EMM and EUC news (Wednesday Update)

Jack: Cog Systems is resurrecting OK Labs’ mobile hypervisor for the enterprise, but with key differences

Gabe: Exploring the new era of endpoint security: Dell and Cylance Protect. Catching up with Dell about their Cylance partnership shows that big vendors are fully behind the new era of endpoint security. Are you?

Jack: MobileIron pulled some custom queries out of their security report for me—Here’s what I learned. There’s no better way to learn about what’s going on than actual metrics and telemetry.

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