The Friday Notebook: June 2, 2017

It was a slow news week, but there are still plenty of interesting things to read about Citrix, Apple, Windows on Qualcomm, layering, Internet trends, and AI.

Here’s what happened in enterprise end user computing, desktop virtualization, and mobility in the week leading up to June 2, 2017.


Welp... it’s been a slow news week, especially with the holiday here in the US.

However, there was still more to talk about from Citrix Synergy 2017. Gabe wrote about the good and not so good things to come out of the show, and I examined Citrix’s identity management ambitions. Also, if you haven’t listened yet, we covered a lot of ground in our Synergy podcast. Lastly, Citrix created a YouTube playlist of all the sessions that were recorded last week, with no logins necessary... just sit back, relax, and watch.

Next week is the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, and I have a few things on my mind, which I’ve written up over the past few months:

In the most recent news about Windows on ARM, we learned that Asus, HP, and Lenovo are the first OEMs to be making “Always On PCs” based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. (Via Mary Jo Foley.) I’m not usually one to care much about all the different devices out there, but these things are piquing my curiosity. The LTE/eSIM connectivity, with the ability to buy data plans easily directly in the UI, sounds really cool. It’s an interesting time for devices!

Other cool stuff you could read

Since it’s a quiet week, here’s some other recommended reading:

Ron Oglesby posted a blog entitled How Citrix App Layering Management Works with On-Prem Environments. Nobody knows better than Ron, having joined Citrix as part of the Unidesk acquisition.

Mary Meeker’s 2017 Internet Trends slide deck is pretty interesting to page through. (Via Recode) It’s interesting to see the smartphone and internet growth start to slow a bit, however we know that

Obviously Andreessen Horowitz has a vested interest in promoting their new technology interests, but they also do a really good job at explaining how things work and what they could do. To that end, check out their Artificial Intelligence Playbook. (Here’s their intro blog post.) There’s no doubt that this is going to be big in all of our lives and in our IT careers—like iPhone and Android big—and the time to learn about it is now. Gabe and I have already noticed it come up in a range of products, like Centrify Analytics Service, ExtraHop Addy, Lakeside SysTrack, and now even at Citrix. Anyway, after you read up on the Andreessen Horowitz materials, head over to Google’s AI Experiments page to have some fun.

Our blog posts

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Gabe: Thoughts on the good and not-so-good things to come out of Citrix Synergy 2017

Jack: Citrix Synergy 2017 analysis: What are Citrix’s identity management ambitions?

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