The Friday Notebook: February 17, 2017

It’s RSA week, so we have a wide range of announcements to cover. We featured Bromium and Centrify, and weighed in on the Windows Cloud rumors, too.

Here’s what happened and what was interesting in the enterprise mobility and end user computing space in the week leading up to February 17, 2017.


The RSA Conference ran in San Francisco this week. I went over for a few meetings, and along the way learned about some new products and got a feel for this year’s trends. Of course RSA is primarily a security show, not an EMM/desktop virtualization/EUC show, but there were still quite a few relevant announcements.

HP and Bromium partnered to deliver “HP SureClick,” a version of Bromium available on HP’s EliteBook x360 1030 G2, with more devices to follow in the coming months. Gabe wrote: “HP SureClick, combined with the existing partnership with Microsoft, shows that virtualization-based security is legitimate, and it could very well be the thing that breaks us free from the never-ending death spiral of traditional antivirus.”

MobileIron released their third Mobile Security and Risk Review report, and I like it because it’s based on real data (anonymized) from their customers, not on surveys. It’s worth paging through. I asked them if they could pull a few extra numbers for me, so I’ll write more about it when I get those back. In the meantime, some of the highlights are that 80% of their customers have deployed  over 10 apps; and than less than 5% of companies use mobile antimalware products (honestly I expected this number to be lower).

Hypori was exhibiting with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate at RSA, following a research contract that was awarded last July. This might now sound like that big of a deal, but when we’re talking about virtual mobile infrastructure and three letter agencies, any public acknowledgement is a big deal. (For some background, here’s more about VMI and what’s been going on in the industry.)

Congratulations to UnifyID, who won the Innovation Sandbox competition at RSA. UnifyID was started by Moka5 founder John Whaley. (See more in this previous Friday Notebook.)

Last Friday, Microsoft announced a whole range of Windows and Office 365 security updates. Here are a few highlights from the EMM perspective: (Check out the official Windows Blog and the Office Blogs for more.)

  • There’s a new Surface Enterprise Management Mode (SEMM). This allows a greater level of lockdown for Surface devices, similar to the Apple Supervised MDM Mode or the Android Device Owner MDM mode.
  • There are more MDM features coming in the Windows 10 Creators Update, and Microsoft has also released an MDM Migration Analysis Tool, intended to help companies compare Group Policy options to MDM options. Could Microsoft’s guidance on when to use MDM for Windows—which has been fairly conservative—be changing? I hope to find out more soon.
  • Windows Hello will work with on-premises Active Directory.

Centrify added machine learning to their identity management platform, and here’s our full coverage. This is an example of how artificial intelligence will affect EUC.

This year’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference will be June 5-9. That’s where we’ll learn about iOS 11 and the next round of EMM updates. I think it’s time for them to finally address more BYOD issues—here’s why.

Appdome, which helps developers automatically integrate SDKs into apps, has augmented its partnership with BlackBerry by adding support for more features in BlackBerry Dynamics, and has broadened the overall reach of their platform. ISVs can now use Appdome to make their apps available to directly to Appdome customers, who can then integrate the SDKs of their choice. We’ll take a closer look in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, here’s more background.

Gartner found that sales of BlackBerry BB 10 OS devices now round down to zero.

Amazon is getting into the the video conferencing market with Amazon Chime.

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