The BlackBerry Q10 is delayed. Who cares?

BlackBerry is not going to succeed by placating its QWERTY-loving loyalists. In fact, you could argue that's what caused its downfall in the first place.

BlackBerry is not going to succeed by placating its QWERTY-loving loyalists. In fact, you could argue that’s what caused its downfall in the first place.

The U.S. arrival of the BlackBerry Q10 is delayed, according to the Associated Press. But who cares? With its physical keyboard, the Q10 will be a niche device with very little influence over BlackBerry’s long-term fortunes.

At last week’s  BlackBerry 10 launch event, CEO Thorsten Heins said the Q10 would be available starting in April. This week, however, he said U.S. customers won’t be able to buy the device until mid-May or early June.

This delay is largely irrelevant. Depending on whose numbers you look at, BlackBerry’s U.S. market share is somewhere around 2% or 3%. These customers haven’t switched to an iPhone or Android in the past five years. What’s another couple of months? Even if all of these customers did up and leave BlackBerry, it wouldn’t matter.

If BlackBerry is to survive, it needs to win back some iPhone and Android users. The important thing here is that its fully touchscreen device, the BlackBerry Z10, remains on track for March availability stateside. (It’s already on sale in other parts of the world, where it seems to be off to a good start.)

Sure, as mobile expert Brian Katz pointed out on Twitter, the Q10 will win back some iPhone and Android users “who hate virtual [keyboards] but had no choice.” But again, these customers will be a drop in the bucket.

The Q10 is nothing more than a bone BlackBerry is throwing to its few remaining diehard fans. The Z10 will determine whether BlackBerry gets a second act or if its curtains close for good.


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Well drop me in that bucket! I have an iPhone now but I absolutely cannot type on the virtual keyboard. I don't know what the reason is, but I'm one of the ones who's looking for a device with a physical keyboard. (The last I had was a Droid 2 but that crashed a lot.. I checked again for physical keyboard devices but didn't really find anything. I even looked for cases for the iPhone with keyboards, but they're all so huge!)

What's crazy to me though is that they just announced the Q10 last week, and now already they're delaying it a few months? What possibly changed in a week? Why didn't they just say May or June from the beginning?


Are there any decent Android phones with keyboards? Aren't Samsung and other Android manufacturers all about giving the customers what they want? There must be enough people out there that want a modern phone with a physical keyboard, right? Then all you'd have to deal with is finding Android equivalents for all your apps, not BB versions.