Teradici releases an SDK & APIs to make their core PCoIP technology available to anyone!

Last week, Teradici made their software building blocks available to anyone with the release of a product they're calling the Teradici Pervasive Computing Platform.

Last week, Teradici made their software building blocks available to anyone with the release of a product they’re calling the Teradici Pervasive Computing Platform. (TPCP? I’m just going to call it the Teradici Platform.)

This is a very, very cool thing.

It means that anyone—an end customer, cloud vendor, systems integrator, service provider, etc.—can essentially get access to the exact same APIs, SDKs, and reference documentation that VMware and Amazon got access to when they integrated PCoIP into their products.

This offering has been a long time coming, but basically it came from people asking them, “Hey, so Amazon Workspaces uses PCoIP? How did they integrate that? Can you give me what you gave them?"

And now the answer is ‘yes’.

To be clear, the Teradici Platform isn’t a product per se. It’s some APIs, reference software, an SDK, and everything else you need to build whatever you want to build around PCoIP. They also have the host-side agents and client software available, and anything you build with their platform can also be used with all the existing hardware zero clients as well as the software clients. They also have a broker API in case you want to roll your own PCoIP-based VDI or RDSH product as well as the security gateway (the same one VMware and Amazon use).

This is a great move by Teradici. It’s the direction the world is moving anyway: it’s all about APIs these days and building your own custom solution rather than getting something off the shelf.

You can take the Teradici Platform for a test drive right away, and you can build up to 50 seats without paying. After that pricing starts at $6 per seat, per month. They have two editions—one geared for general desktop users and another more expensive version for high-end graphical users.

So who’s going to build the PCoIP interface to Windows desktops in Azure? What about an add-on to Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop? (Or does this replace it?) Will hyperconverged vendors start bundling PCoIP with their hardware?

This is exciting stuff!!!


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