TeamRGE and GeekOut 365 are hosting a live webinar on January 17th!

We're collaborating with TeamRGE to put on a live webinar on January 17th, focusing on remote graphics in desktop virtualization. The content from the event will be available on GeekOut 365 after the event.

[Update, January 5, 2018: The registration link is now live, here.]

When we set out to create GeekOut 365, we wanted to create a centralized platform, full of expert-led content, for the entire EUC community. Today, we're excited to announce that TeamRGE and GeekOut 365 are collaborating on a free upcoming live event that will take that vision to the next level!

What is TeamRGE?

TeamRGE (or Remote Graphics Experience) is a group of desktop virtualization experts that are, at least in part, focused on the graphical experience of end users. Started by Ruben Spruijt, Benny Tritsch, and Shawn Bass, it counts experts from around the world as its members. Some work for vendors, others as consultants, but everyone is focused on delivering the best possible graphical experience to remote desktop and application users.

You can learn more at

What is the event?

On Wednesday, January 17, 2018, TeamRGE will be hosting a free event in conjunction with GeekOut 365. The event will consist of many ten or twenty minute sessions covering all areas of desktop virtualization, but with a strong emphasis on graphics. Among the topics we expect to include are: public cloud and datacenter-based GPUs, accurately measuring user experience, benchmarking, and display protocols.

Sessions are being chosen from submissions made by the members of TeamRGE now, so the content and agenda have yet to be finalized. We'll have more information in the coming weeks.

The event itself will be live in the form of a webinar. You'll be able to tune in for the sessions you want to watch, and if you can't watch a specific session, you'll be able to find it on GeekOut 365 soon after the webinar is complete. We'll also make the sessions available as audio-only podcasts.

How can you attend?

We're still working out the details, so block your calendar on January 17 and check back here in a week or two. By then we'll have a registration page (it's free, but we want to get an idea of how many are attending) and more session information.

We're very excited about this collaboration, and we're hopeful that we'll be able to do many more in the future!

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