Success! RES Software and Pierre Marmignon's company come to an agreement about VUEM

RES and OVERLAP Groupe have come to an agreement where Pierre will still be allowed distribute VUEM for free.

A month ago I wrote that RES Software had sent a legal letter to Pierre Marmignon (and his employer, OVERLAP Groupe) demanding that he ceases the distribution of a free product he wrote called "VirtuALL User Environment Manager" (a.k.a. "VUEM"). The gist of the demand was that because Pierre works for a company that is a RES reseller, he and his employer were in breach of their reseller agreement. My view, as well as the view of many others, was that RES was acting like a ***.

Fortunately we learned a few days ago that RES and OVERLAP Groupe have come to an agreement where Pierre will still be allowed distribute VUEM for free. In fact he'll be giving a session about it at BriForum 2011 London next week. (There's still time to register if you haven't yet!)

Here's the text of their statement (which is posted here because I can't find it anywhere else online):

OVESYS and RES Software Reaffirm Partnership Agreement

OVESYS, a subsidiary of OVERLAP Groupe, and RES Software entered into a distribution agreement for RES software products on January 10, 2009. A number of reports have recently circulated regarding this partnership, and RES Software and OVESYS would like to confirm that any misunderstandings between the two organizations have been resolved. Both RES Software and OVESYS have reaffirmed that their partnership status has returned to its previous standing, and both companies are committed to continuing to work together to grow business within France.

OVESYS is a specialist in the integration of IT infrastructure solutions. The company does not develop its own technologies, and the only applications that can be brought to market by OVESYS are those of its partners, including RES Software — a Dutch-based company that has developed a wide range of software solutions for virtual desktop environments. RES Software products can be important components of desktop virtualization projects that OVESYS offers its customers.

“RES Software is a strong member of the French IT community and we highly value our partner relationships with companies such as OVESYS - OVERLAP Groupe,” said Philippe Pech, RES Software France Managing Director. “It is important for us to continue to deliver excellent products and solutions together with our partners to better serve our French customers.”  “RES Software delivers valuable products in the emerging virtual desktop category, which we feel is one of the strongest growth areas for IT in the next several years,” said Stéphane Deliry, OVERLAP Groupe Managing Director.

So the statement itself doesn't actually say much. But the bottom line is that this is a great thing. Congrats to RES, Pierre, and OVERLAP!

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I'm very glad that this has been sorted out, though it should never have happened in the first place!


It's great that RES came to their senses. Pierre is an all round awesome guy and great asset to the industry. They should have respected that from the start.


Smart move to sort this out. Pierre, like many others, have given us the tools we need to actually make some of these products work, which can be directly translated into profits for the adjacent products in the ecosystem.


Can RES explain how as a partner of Citrix and others they are blocking Reverse Seamless coming to market as free feature. Total BS marketing pulling the wool over people's eyes. The only people who deserve congrats here are the community to stuck up for Pierre to show RES for what they really are. Weak and scared.


I agree with Jim.  Glad everything is sorted out but should've never been an issue in the first place.