So Thinstall's been renamed to ThinApp. Get over it.

Yesterday Alessandro leaked that VMware is planning on renaming the Thinstall product to "ThinApp" in the next release. Since then I've received emails from four different people at Citrix laughing at VMware, saying "can you believe this?

Yesterday Alessandro leaked that VMware is planning on renaming the Thinstall product to "ThinApp" in the next release. Since then I've received emails from four different people at Citrix laughing at VMware, saying "can you believe this?!?" And now the bloggers started commenting that this is embarrassing for VMware since Citrix just renamed Presentation Server to XenApp.

Maybe I'm in a bad mood because it's 4:30am and I'm working. But I don't get what the big deal is?

First of all, I don't think Citrix has a leg to stand on when it comes to making fun of another company for changing their product's name. And if Citrix thinks that VMware is just trying to copy them with the "App" name, I'd like to remind them of a certain iForum press conference I sat in on back in 2004 when VMware was just starting to become a buzz, and Mark Templeton suddenly decided that Citrix MetaFrame had been in the "virtualization" business longer than VMware, since MetaFrame was actually "application virtualization." And frankly VMware could call this thing "NoApp" and it would still be faster and way easier to use than Citrix's XenApp streaming capability

And really, how much does this name change cost VMware to "copy" Citrix? I'll bet that it's a lot less than $500 million!

A thousand bucks says the name ThinApp is around longer than XenApp.

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Now get some sleep.

XenApp, ThinApp... whatever I say... People waste too much time on marketing and forget about using the products.... XenApp is being here forever has great stuff in it, otherwise wouldn't be the market leading product, ThinApp is also a great product and has gained momentum since acquired by Vmware. Now get over with the name thing and start using these products for Pete's sake.


hey Brian

I thought that name was funny and that this is such a junior high game it isn't even funnier.  It's a name and that it is all, so I agree, who the heck cares?  It's not like that was "game changing" news.

So to reiterate what others said here, let's get back to the business of putting this great technology to use and not get hung up on names.


Facts are facts, weak technology that does a piss poor job in packaging so many apps, only to force you to repackage to move to another OS. InstallFree does a better job here and so does Softgrid. As for any concerns about XenApp vs ThinApp, also nonsense. XenApp offers nothing, just that rubbish that they produced and are flogging as part of Deleware as their so called offline solution. Don't confuse real app virtualization with presentation virtualization, which is what XenApp really is. 

You bet A thousand bucks says the name "ThinApp" is around alot longer than "XenApp?"

Are you saying this about the actual names of the product or the product itself?

Does ThinApp do the same thing that XenApp does or is it strictly streaming applications?

Why do we need Citrix XenApp if all we want to do is streaming applications to the desktop?

The bundling and the customer gouging by Citrix is going to end up biting Citrix as customers wise up to Citrix greed and discover their options. Each product should stand or fall on it's own merits! No Bundling!

People buy Platinum because of Citrix marketing and sales but how many people are using Password Manager, Application Streaming, and Advanced Access Control Software in production? I would bet less than 10% who have bought Platinum are using the above products.

I remember a few years back Citrix using "XP" after MetaFrame for their, then, new version, thinking it would be a nice tie in with Windows XP ....but as we all soon found out, Microsoft didn't call the server product Windows XP and Citrix looked a bit silly.
Man This guy Really Hates Bundles! He posts on almost every thread about the bundles.... If customers don't like bundles then don't buy them....
Your picture looks silly. . .you have no face!
Er, great contribution. Bet you're a fun guy to work with! Have you not seen your picture - hardly the height of cool!
Brian, you're only risking your shekels because you know Citrix changes the names of all its products every three months, whether it's needed or not.
I am interested to know where you get your facts from to say that it does a piss poor job. I would much rather think you have no clue what your doing. As for InstallFree, not quite an enterprise company in my opinion. With only 10 employees worldwide, I would put my eggs in that basket. As for the name, makes no difference to me. I am more interested in the technology.
I have this OS that really should've been renamed FatApp ;-)
Go and read about what the mini os does vs simple file and registry direction. Perhaps somebody shows you at BriForum this year. Even better, try the products and you very quickly find out moving apps from OS to different OS demonstrates the minios comcept clearly, also test the spped of launch. Enjoy 
I say that exactly because I am using the product.  We currently use Thinstall both for Desktop and Terminal Server Applications. We have had much better results with Thinstall than Softgrid or VSS. As for InstallFree, they are still young and we will have to see what they can bring in the future.
Great. Try your Thinstall apps on a x64 machine and see how that goes, then try it with InstallFree. May not be a requirement for you now, but good to understand if a repackage is required. How about integration with things like Inventory etc, to tie into your exisiting enterprise infra etc. Best of luck. 

say this in a robot voice,  -> names are irrelevant... irrelevant!

I consulted for Citrix resellers for years and saw customer after customer not use the features that were included in Enterprise and then platinum. Oh, I'd implement Installation manager or network manager or later password manager and then Edgesight but they would often sit unutilized. Not everyone, but quite a few that it is noteworthy.