Should Citrix hire Scott McNealy?

Should Citrix should hire Scott McNealy? My odd thought for the day.

Should Citrix should hire Scott McNealy? My odd thought for the day. I try not to share them too often. Wink

Assuming the EU doesn’t hold things up forever, once the Oracle/Sun merger completes it is widely assumed that Sun Microsystems co-founder and chairman, and former CEO, Scott McNealy will be out of a job.  I think Citrix should consider hiring him.  I’m not thinking hire him to run the company.  Mr. T shows no signs of being ready to retire.  But there certainly is a role for him to play. 

First, I think that having McNealy on-board can only help to attract the talent that Citrix needs.  It is going to be a bruising battle out there and right now is the time to ramp up for it.  Citrix is moving into enemy territory, and it needs to take the market from VMware.  And let’s not forget that the cozy relationship with Microsoft might last only as long as Microsoft sees VMware as a threat!  Citrix has a California campus to pick up talent out west, and one suspects that McNealy might be a draw for a few “interesting” people.

Second, I think that McNealy a different voice and set of experiences that must be heard inside the executive suite at Citrix.  Citrix has made great strides in integrating the Xen atmosphere into the company, but experience at the pitfalls of open source are needed too.  In addition, just look at the litany of innovations at Sun over the years.  For example, does Citrix need to worry about efficient remote storage systems?   You betcha!

Third, while his image might need a little polishing, Mr. M. might provide cache’.   Citrix is moving from a back room play to something sounding more consumer-ish.  The Citrix Receiver is great marketing, but when delivered by a guy who could probably stand-in for “PC” in the Mac commercials it loses something.

Finally, when I look up Scot McNealy on the web, I get this:


So come-on Citrix, order today.  Shipping is free!

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Why whould Scott McNealy do that? He is/was CEO of a company that was substantially larger than Citrix. His personalty reminds me of Steve Jobs, meaning I doubt that he wants to report to Mark T rather than doing what he thinks is the right way to go. And he is stuffed with money, so he can rather start his own Citrix-style company if he wants to. And why should he move from California to Florida? Brian, you should know better than most others that Silicon Valley is a much cooler place than Ft. Lauderdale ;-)

But I agree, Citrix could use a guy like Scott McNealy very well when trying to polarize and make it into the headlines of major newspapers and magazines.



Wow! That's quite a thought. Of course I like it, because anything that brings more visibility into our little corner of the IT world is great for all of us.

And I really like the outside perspective he'll bring. Even Harry Labana was already pro-Citrix before being hired. (Which is important for sure for his position.) But if McNealy could sort of be someone they put on stage and who thinks about way-out future stuff... that could be cool. (I think it's REALLY important that they get a long-term strategist who hasn't been at the company for the past 20 years.)

@Benny, by the way, I'm not even sure you can call Citrix a Florida company anymore. More and more people are moving out to the Bay Area. (This week's transplant: XenDesktop VP Sumit Dhawan, after 12 years in Florida, is moving to California to work out of Citrix's Santa Clara office.) So I think Scott M could definitely stay out here. (Although I do agree with you about his motivation? Maybe the desire to build a company that kicks VMware's butt?)


Oh noes!!!! The re-emergence of the Crazy Java Console...



I think all of you drink too much CA koolaide. Sumit is in Marketing and he's a fine guy, nothing against him what so ever. However it is CA that is screwing things up. Citrix has no brains in CA who get our space, they are all in Florida. Engineering at Citrix for our space is done in the UK and Florida for the most part as Citrix tells me. CA is nothing but a much of marketing and PM folks. Sure they have other eng there like their GoTo business and networking stuff, but not our area. It is a bunch of bay area idiots that are going to take the company down if they don't build a decent product. A leader in CA who get's out space would be the first step if that is what they want to build. There is nobdy in the XD CA team that gets it. To check, just look at their backgrounds.

As for Scott I doubt he would ever do it, unless he was taking Mark T's place. Sure he would be a good figure head, but again he knows nothing about our space. So a balance between a figure head and leadership that gets our space is what is key, not this set of clowns in CA today, they are just so bad.


Here's my random thought.

Scott McNealy, the guy that destroyed Sun, is Larry's beeaatch, should lead Citrix because......


@Shawn: Which one?




why do they need Scott McNealy when they have Peter Levine??

btw..what does Peter do again.. ohe yeah he snuffed 500 million out of Citrix for a product they give away for free..

heck that is one hell of a sales guys..they should put him in charge of sales for Canada?


These kinds of discussions almost always spur out worry, pure and outright worry.

It doesn’t take any great mathematician, or (need I say )psychologist to figure it out that it’s all about been born and raised with all things Citrix.

So I am to ask. What now that the common ground that unites is crubling down?

How are you gonna move?  

That's a question.

Cancel nice now children...


@donotcommentifdumb - Here's a piece of advice: Do Not Comment If Dumb! Okay, dummie?


@appdetective you have the wrong guy. It wasn't Scott that hosed Sun, it was his alter-ego Jonathan "give everything away and make up for it in support services" Schwartz. Yeah, like that's gonna work.

Scott will go lay on the beach in Tahiti and count his money until he's bored then start/buy something that interests him. And BTW, it's no big secret that he has family in Florida already.