RES Software announces on-premise Dropbox-like "follow me data" solution called RES HyperDrive

I just learned that RES Hyperdrive is a white label OEM of Nomadesk, so really this article should be about them instead of RES.

[UPDATE April 26, 2012 -- I just learned that RES Hyperdrive is a white label OEM of Nomadesk, so really this article should be about them instead of RES. RES choosing to OEM this product isn't bad, but I wish they would have told me when they briefed me.]

RES Software just announced an upcoming new product called RES "HyperDrive" which is an on-premise virtual appliance-based "follow me data" solution that's similar to DropBox, Box, Citrix ShareFile, or VMware Octopus.

Like many companies, RES believes that the first step to consumerization and BYO is to make the users' data available to them wherever they are. And, like many companies, RES believes that many IT departments are nervous about letting users store data in third-party cloud-based datacenters. So that's where HyperDrive comes in. It's like DropBox, but you run it yourself and you have more control.

I saw a demo of HyperDrive yesterday and it works exactly as you'd expect. If you're on a Mac or Windows desktop, the HyperDrive is literally an additional drive that you mount on your laptop:


If you're on a mobile device (they're planning on supporting iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry), then you can download an app to access your data. (And they said the iPad version of the client will actually be able to cache files locally so it will work offline.)

Finally, there's an HTTP interface where users can view and download files.

Hyperdrive web

What sets RES HyperDrive apart from other offerings?

First, RES HyperDrive is primarily a file synchronization tool for multiple devices. They don't offer collaboration like Box and (in CTO Bob Janssen's words), they "don't want to compete with SharePoint." RES views this an a solution for ad hoc (i.e. "user created") data, and since it's not tied to a major desktop vendor like Citrix or VMware, you don't have to go 100% with their solutions in order to get the benefits.

Those who know RES Software know that they've been in the user workspace management and desktop automation space for over ten years. So they're really looking at HyperDrive as an extension to that, rather than something that's only useful in some future world without Windows.

With a nod towards enterprise requirements, HyperDrive has encryption of the local cache built-in to the product. They also offer a very simple remote wipe capability that the end user can invoke themselves via the web interface. (Just click on the device you lost, and you're safe.) Actually Bob called this "follow me compliance" instead of "follow me data," which is well said.

Another the cool feature of HyperDrive is something they call "FileLink" which is a simple way to right-click on a file to send a URL via email (which direct SMTP support and Outlook integration) to someone else. The FileLink capability is more robust than DropBox, with RES allowing the user to set options like expiration dates for the link, password protection, maximum number of times the link may be accessed, etc.

They expect implementation to be pretty straightforward. Just install the virtual appliance, point it to your directory server and email server, and start setting up users. MSPs who use other RES products will be able to add HyperDrive to their hosted offerings, and there's nothing stopping and end customer from hosting this in a public cloud infrastructure. Migration is pretty easy too, as users can essentially drag-and-drop whatever they're currently using into the new HyperDrive storage location. (And you can have multiple locations, so one for personal stuff, one for the team, one for the whole company, etc.)

RES expects HyperDrive to enter beta soon and to generally be available in the second quarter. They haven't finalized pricing yet, though they said it would be in the range of "dollars per month." (In other words, in order to fit in with existing pricing models of similar cloud-based services, they'll charge a per-user, per-month fee. But I'm sure you can negotiate whatever you want. :)

Final Thoughts

RES is entering what is fast becoming a crowded space. A lot of companies are talking about eventually offering some kind of on-premise "follow me data," but most of the big name things are just talk now. So it will be interesting to see how RES's offerings stack up against ShareFile and Octopus once those are available on-premise. (And assuming those are still a long ways off, RES could get a decent jump on things here.)

Many of you know that I personally use DropBox. I can say that this is one of the occasions when I wish that we used HyperDrive internally at TechTarget instead. Not only would that allow IT to be more comfortable with what I'm doing, as an end user I love the automatic encryption, the remote wiping, and the advanced options available for securing public links. Oh, and I would love to use my regular Windows user account, and I'm excited about data caching on the iPad.

So overall there's actually a lot that I want to like about HyperDrive. Now I just need to wait until it's released until I can actually put my hands on it.

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Hi Brian

Thx for the article. That's exactly what I have been waitung for since I "married" dropbox ;-)

As you know, here in blurmany we do care a lot about where our data is stored and I was constantly wondering about why nobody sets up a dropbox like virtual appliance for the private cloud.

We will definitely test this!

But am I right, there is no plan of building in some colobaration features like the shared folder in Dropbox. That is by far the most important feature for me. Not having to "upload" or "download" anything, to give someone access to certain data, just to say "i've droped it". That's freaking easy!

Greetngs from Germany, Daniel


Is it possible to synch with a Network drive ?


Can't Sharepoint already provide a similar feature?


Brian, do you know if it's possible to white lable it, like ShareFile??


Hi all - Grant Tiller Senior Product Manager at RES Software here.

Hopefully I can steer you in the right direction...

@ Daniel Schoppmann

Whilst RES HyperDrive has not been designed as a collaboration tool, there are some neat features that you may find useful in this respect.

1) a team HyperDrive will allow you to share data with your colleagues - syncing with your local machine (as with your personal HyperDrive, the local cache is encrypted for security and compliance)

2) you are able to send a link to a HyperDrive resource from within your e-mail client, and do nice things like set a permitted number of downloads from the link as well as a expiry date, when the hyperlink will become invalid.

You can also get a notification sent through to tell you when someone has downloaded the data that you share with them.

We believe these feature will prove useful, especially for our friends in Germany as well as verticals like health, finance and government who are all hyper-sensitive about where the data resides, and who can access it.


We would love to talk more to understand your use case on this one.

As it stands, RES HyperDrive will create an area on your on-premise storage media (i.e. SAN) which is mounted by a virtual appliance (VMware, Citrix and Microsoft flavours will all be covered)

Your HyperDrive is a folder that is created on here, and then shared out to your HyperDrive clients (PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones, Android, Blackberries and Windows Phone) you can also access your HyperDrive via a web browser too!

For the devices that have storage capabilities, the content of your HyperDrive is cached locally, which is secured in an encrypted format.

You can define the location of this cache if you wish - and you could select a network location for the cache (either mapped drive or a \\servername\sharename network path)

However, you would only be able to access this data in it's unencrypted form via the RES HyperDrive client.

@ Rod Trent


SharePoint will provide a lot of this functionality, and more besides and would be anyone’s first choice for collaboration.

However, our goal with RES HyperDrive is to introduce a very flexible solution for people that are looking for the flexibility of Dropbox and the cloud without the security worry of where the data is residing via a simple appliance that will integrate with storage that you already have in place.

The special sauce is that it is extremely easy to setup.

Give it an IP

Point it to the storage

Click Finish

It won't be the silver bullet to everyone, but we think a lot will find it useful!

@ Mads Soerensen

Not at this stage, but we would love to talk further in the near future about your requirements.

This is initially aimed at the SMB and Enterprise space, but further down the line we see great scope and potential to work together with integration partners and service providers.

Please keep an eye on for more information.

For a quick walkthrough, have a look at the walkthrough my colleague Jeff Wettlaufer put up on YouTube earlier

I know and don’t like vendors plugging, so I apologise if anyone thinks that this post feels like that in anyway – it wasn’t my intention to be salesy.


Reminds me sort of of Tonido?