Quest Software CEO responds to my criticism of their 1987-era logo

"Quest, if you're listening, can you please update your logo?"

Last month Gabe, Bridget, and I recorded a video on SearchVirtualDesktop where we discussed our 2011 predictions for the desktop virtualization industry. At one point in the video we started discussing Quest Software and their challenges when competing against Citrix and VMware, and I joked that I thought the problem with them was that their logo looked like it from the 1980s:



In fact I pointed directly at the camera and said something to the effect of "Quest, if you're listening, can you please update your logo?"

Quest heard the message, and their CEO Doug Garn recorded this response:

By the way, if you do tweet about it, here's the direct YouTube link. If you tweet with the hashtag and we get the watches, I promise I'll share one with you. I actually showed this video to my girlfriend because she and I bought that green watch together in Japan. (It's a Swatch. We paid about USD$120 for it in Tokyo only to find out after we got home that we can buy it here for about $80.) Anyway, when Doug said that he'd buy a watch for me and one of my fans, Sarah shouted "I'm a fan!!" I told her that I should probably give the second watch to someone with a twitter account, and she clarified that she meant I could give her my watch.

Doug, it's great to know that you're a fan and willing to spruce up the logo just for me. While you're at it, how about integrating vFoglight and ActiveRoles with vWorkspace? (...fingers crossed!)

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Wish my boss was that mad!


Great response from Doug. I can't believe he has a Quest-branded surfboard.... only in Orange County. :)


Hey! What about the RES Software logo that Gabe blogged about? That one is straight from a 1984 Commodore 64.

May we please have a video with a  #ilovegabe plate? Please?


So Brian, did you get a watch?