On-demand webcast from Brian Madden: What is desktop virtualization?

A few weeks ago, SearchWinIT.com asked me to do a series of webcasts for them about desktop virtualization.

A few weeks ago, SearchWinIT.com asked me to do a series of webcasts for them about desktop virtualization. We decided that the first one should (obviously) be "What is desktop virtualization?" A lot of people reading this (especially on BrianMadden.com) are probably thinking "I know what desktop virtualization is!" But I want to re-define and re-position this term in the minds of this industry.

To me, "desktop virtualization" is any time the installed OS is decoupled from the physical client device. Is desktop virtualization VDI? Yes! But it's also Terminal Server-based desktops. And it's desktops running locally on clients delivered via Ardence or VMware ACE.

In this first of several webcasts for SearchWinIT.com, I talk about this, as well as how you can start to decided which desktop virtualization strategies are right for you. I finish up with a quick overview of the various players in the industry today, as well as what's real and what's not.

This webcast is an "on demand" style, meaning you can access from any time. The webcast is free, although you will have to register / login with your Bitpipe account. (Bitpipe is a whitepaper and webcast site from TechTarget, the same company behind SearchWinIT.com and this webcast.)

Listen to and view the webcast now.

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Not very deep, but some good analogies to help clearify all the meanings of "virtualization"
Brian at the end of the webcast they said there would be some Q&A for the submitted questions.   Do you know where we can find those on the website?
To be honest, I'm not totally clear on this myself. During the webcast they gave an email address where you can email questions, and then they forward them to me, and then I answer then, and then they post them. (Or I guess you can just post your question here!)
Brian could probably spend hours on this topic and still not touch the tip of the iceberg. With new companies entering the arena on a daily basis, the choices are endless. Regardless, this is the future of our industry, if people dont get on board, they will be left behind! Well done.