Oh jeez! Brian is twittering now. What’s the emoticon for “eye roll?”

Brian just told me that he's going to micro-blog via twitter at VMworld next week. I begged him to tell me it wasn't true, and I checked my calendar to make sure today wasn't April 1.

Brian just told me that he’s going to micro-blog via twitter at VMworld next week. I begged him to tell me it wasn’t true, and I checked my calendar to make sure today wasn’t April 1.

“Check the homepage,” he said. And sure enough, at the top of the right-hand column, was a “tweet” (God I hate that word) from Brian. He promised he would only use twitter for work-related stuff, so people could follow him in confidence. (He somehow has 94 followers already!  Seriously?)

So we’ll see what happens. If he can actually keep this thing on-topic, then I guess it could be somewhat interesting. For those of you who can’t believe it, (or who, <gasp>, actually want to follow him), check out https://twitter.com/brianmadden .

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Cmon Gabe there are lots of great users for twitter. For example did you know that posts from the Thin List were available on it http://www.twitter.com/thinlist

I set up one following Dougs RSS feeds, http://www.twitter.com/dabcc

You can follow the marsphoenix or if you are looking for humor check out FakeSarahPalin

There is a even a VMWorld twitter out there also and I have been following people there at the convention.  I hope Brian keeps it up.  It would also be a good outlet to post when he has new articles up on the site.

Jim Kenzig at Http://www.twitter.com/kenzig


I'm not totally against Twitter (the Mars lander one is cool, for sure), but twittering an RSS feed?  Why not just read the RSS or use Google Reader or any of the fat apps?

What really gets me is the personal stuff - that's what I hope Brian avoids.  As long as I don't see "Dinner not that good, back in 10 minutes" http://tinyurl.com/n0tH1nG 07:15 AM September 15, 2008 from TwitterBerry", I'll be fine with it :)
I agree with Gabe and also add - as much as people *think* we want to know what they are doing all the time, at the exact moment - we really don't. Just continue to post timely articles, etc.. with good info and we will be happy. Leave twitter to your teenagers to share when thier BFF farts since that is what most of these 'tweets' are all about - ;>)
Twitter is like TV, if you don't like it, don't watch it.
emoticon for eyeroll is S) or s)