Next Week: Two Webinars Focus on Performance and Security

Wow! Two server-based computing webinars in one week.

Wow! Two server-based computing webinars in one week. It looks like our little niche is starting to get fairly popular.

The first webinar is at 12;00 noon EST Tuesday Dec 9. It's hosted by TechTarget, sponsored by RTO Software, and will focus on Terminal Server performance tuning. I'll be co-leading the discussion with Bernd Harzog, CEO of RTO Software. Bernd is fairly technical, and RTO's Marketing VP will be out of town that day, so reast assured that this will be a techincal discussion. This webinar roughly follows the Terminal Server performance tuning white paper that I wrote a few months ago. We're only going to talk for about 40 minutes, so there will be plenty of time to answer your questions at the end. Click here to register.

Then, on Wednesday (Dec 10), WholeSecurity, Gartner, and Citrix are partnering to present a webinar about protecting your remote Citrix users. They'll talk about how you can secure your anytime, anywhere access. Click here to register.

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