New Vendor and Product Rating Database goes live today!

My server-based computing vendor and product information center is now available

My server-based computing vendor and product information center is now available at

  • Have you ever wondered what server-based computing products were out there?
  • Are you thinking about using a third-party add-on product for Citrix MetaFrame or Terminal Server, but you don't know which one to use?
  • Is there a particular product that you use and love?
  • Is there a product that you've tried and didn't like?

Now, you can share your opinions with the world and read what other people have said in the Server-Based Computing Vendor and Product Information Center!

This is kind of like an "epinions" site for the server-based computing industry. I've pulled in information about every product I can find (about 150 products from 70 vendors initially). All of the products are broken into categories. For example, you can visit the site and click on the "printing" category to see all the server-based computing printing products in the market. (There are 9 different printing products from 6 different vendors, by the way.)

Then, you can see each product's rating (1 to 5 stars, based on user voting) and you can read peoples' comments and opinions about the product.

If you're currently running a server-based computing environment, I would strongly encourage you to stop by and vote and share your opinions about the products you're using. I would think that after a few weeks this should become the de facto standard for peoples' opinions about products in our industry.

If you know of any products that are missing, please email them to me and I'll add them to the database.

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This message was originally posted by uday on August 31, 2004
I never thought to be so good site packed with tons of Information while I was in CTXS.
Since last one month I realized for Single Windows, non-biased, technical information there is no alternative to

Keep it up & looking forward for more n more in coming days

Best Regards
This message was originally posted by Bill on September 1, 2004
I've ran through the Vendor & Product Database and I'm disapointed with the abuse of the service already.

It might be worthwhile for you to insist on a valid company email address prior to someone submitting a rating to a product together with their IP address.

I can see from some of the comments its the vendors themselves that are rating one another.

I do hope you can nip this in the bud, or it will be a worthless service.

This message was originally posted by dw on September 2, 2004
Kudos to Brian for unbiased opinions. The industry needs this to keep everyone honest. Believe it or not, there are vendors who are genuinely interested in customer's constructive opinions, both good and bad. Citrix does evaluate all related products and comments with a "can do" commitment mentality.
This message was originally posted by Brian Madden on September 3, 2004
I've looked into the abuse and found two vendors who seemed to be doing this. I removed the abusive posts and posted a warning to the comments section that basically asks people not to act like jerks, and that I'll post their IP addresses if they do. It's been two days since I've done that, and it seems to have nipped the problem. What do you guys think?