New Old News: Citrix has a Vista CAG Client

So, I finally bit the bullet. Well, I guess I should say, my laptop bit "it", and I finished it off.

So, I finally bit the bullet. Well, I guess I should say, my laptop bit "it", and I finished it off. I've given up my anti-change, old coot attitude and replaced my beloved Windows XP with the pretty windows and fancy start menus of Windows Vista. I know, it's only been out for a little while, but people have been running the betas forever. I hadn't even seen it, except on Rick Dehlinger's laptop at BriForum 2006.

My first experiences were the same as everyone else - allow this, accept that, where's the damned check box that says "remember this selection every time you feel like asking if I want to run this program?" It was pretty, though, so I put up with it. It's fun to type "dir /s" in a cmd window and then hit that "Switch Between Windows" button to watch all the Aero magic. Eventually, though, it came time to start working.

I installed the original Citrix Access Gateway client, which I used to connect to email because I was too lazy to setup RPC over HTTP. The install went harmlessly enough, spare the 7 or 8 extra clicks needed to actually run the program. No shortcut icon on the desktop, unfortunately, but I could work around that. It seemed to connect, but Outlook could never maintain a connection to the Exchange server. Figuring it was a goofy Vista thing, I backburnered it (who needs more app compat stuff to worry about) and configured RoH - good to go for the moment.

I just happened to be looking at Citrix's Clients page today, and I found the Citrix Access Gateway Secure Access Client for Microsoft Vista. I'm sure lots of you have already seen it, but I figured I should put the word out that it exists just in case there were more people like me out there. It's currently in beta, and has been out since January 10. It's not exactly new, but it could still be useful for those of us that rely on the little red thing to do our job. I work from home, so it's super-important for me now that I'm among the Vista users.

For the record, the new client can be downloaded here.

The install went nice and smooth (again with the extra clicking and such), and this time I had an icon on my desktop (Smell that? That's progress, baby!). It's even signed, so it takes away at least one "YES! I want to run this!" moment. The interface is identical, spare the cool translucent border, and the best part is that it seems to be running just fine in spite of the fact that it's a beta build. Hopefully Citrix will release a gold version in the near future and have it built in to the next upgrade for the CAG.

That's all there is to it, really. Nothing too special, but I figured it was important to get it out there to everyone, just in case you hadn't seen it either. I'm pretty curious about who is using Vista in their workplace, either just on your own machine or if your company is implementing it across the board. So if you are already doing it, are planning to do it, or are militantly against it, post a comment below and let me know.

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So, when will the Mac OS X version of CAG client will be available?
yeah Mac OS X would be nice, as would a Linux client.. :D
its a pain needing to get my laptop out just so I can connect to remote networks
also the Vista client only works with Access Gateways running 4.5 or later (enforces upgrade for all our clients.. so more work for us, but a bit of a shame especially since the client is still in beta)
Read somewhere in the forum that a tech preview of the Mac OS X client should be available since last summer!!... ([link=http:

That link is dead. Nothing to doanload there.

I guess they arent offering Vista support for CAG anymore?


Where did you get the Windows Vista agent is no longer on the Citrix page,, is there a way you can share the agent?

Mike Tinoco